Sunday, March 28

Spring Break!


I'm back :)

Sorry it's been a while. Busy, busy life.

I don't really know what to talk about... so I guess I'll just talk about my week. It IS Spring break, ya know.

On Saturday, me, Lacy and Meledy went to a dance recital at my high school that I'm going to next year, and it was amazing! There were studios that performed from all over my city, including the dance team at the high school, and my favorite was the hip-hop from Spark's Kids Studio (changed name, if you're wondering). They were amazing! I'm not really a hip-hop person, since I've been trained in ballet all my life to keep posture, grace and strength, but this studio made me want to join hip-hop. I've never seen it like this before, and they're only like eleven years old! There was another high school hip-hop team that was also reallllly good. I'm so jealous.

Then on Sunday, me and my family went to the Renaissance festival, and that was a lot of fun! Me, my sister and my mom usually go with Landon, his sister and and their mom, but this year it was just the four of us. I have never, in my years of attending the festival, seen so many costumes. I swear, just about EVERYONE wore a costume. Well, except for my family, haha. But that was a lot of fun! I love the food and shows and rides. :)

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were just relaxing days, mainly. Yesterday, me and my sister and my mom and Meledy and her brother and their mom were supposed to go to the wash to play in it, because it's filled with water from the rain, and sometimes you can find pieces of gold in it, but it was really windy and cold out and my hopes were ruined :( Wow that was a realllly long sentence! Sorry. But me and my sister just spent the day at their house instead. Oh well!

In a little while, I'm going over to Serena's house to work on a project for science. I think learning about cells is really NOT fun, but doing a video project is! Savannah's gonna be there too, and I'm pretty excited. I havn't had a sleepover in a while... if you can tell :)

Well, I gotta go pack my stuff! Oooh- before I go, I'm going to share with you a new segment of my blog called "Life Lesson of the Week/Day", based on what I'm going through.

Life Lesson of the Week/Day
Guard your heart, because if you are set up for something and it disappears, you will be let down greatly.

Sounds kind of like a fortune cookie, huh? Well it's ALL MINE. Maybe I should run a Chinese food emporiem someday and make my own fortune cookies :) Hope you liked it!

Blog to ya later,

PS. Happy April Fools Day! I hope you pranked someone today. I'll tell you about my pranks later :)


  1. FINALLY you updated! :)
    Dont forget to talk about our sleepover!! :D

  2. Had fun at the sleepover! I will talk about it :D
    YOU NEED TO BLOG!!!!!!!!!
    I did, now YOU do!

  3. heehee okay, :)
    Ugh idk what to talk about!! :P