Friday, February 25


So, I'm going trapezing (is that a word?) tomorrow at this place in the capital of my state! :D No post from me for a couple days.
I'm really excited. My mom almost didn't let me go, but she did and I'm really glad ♥

I'm going with my dance studio because our recital for May is Circus themed and it'd be really cool to know how to "trapeze".

I'm riding the two hour drive with Lacey, Amanda, Brittany and Juliette (she treated me better than usual today at a party, by the way), and then af
ter the workshop we're going to a place called the Spaghetti Factory. Has anyone been there? I've never heard of it, but Lacey's more excited about eating there than actually trapezing. :)

Then we're going to hang out around the hotel and **maybe** swim, but it IS February and it's kind of chilly.

I'm really excited, if I haven't said that yet.

:D :D :D

Have you ever done something circusy? Tell me! I would LOVE to know.

I'll tell you all about it when I get back ♥


Tuesday, February 22

I don't really know what's going on, but I promise it'll be ok.

Friday, February 18

Apologies + YouTube + Pictures

Who's the worst blogger in the world right now?


I almost made an award for myself that said Worst Blogger, but I thought that might be a little extreme.

I'm really sorry. I won't bore you with excuses of my non-blogginess.

But you know. Life. It can be hectic.

Let's move on!

I finally made a WeHeartIt page :) It fills me with glee.

And lately, I've been really into YouTube. It's kind of taking over my life.

I love finding new channels, and I could spend hours looking at all the videos on my favorite ones.

"What ARE your favorite channels, Tiff?"

Well, now that you ask, I like Nigahiga and Julian Smith a lot, because they're funny and post like once a week, giving me something to look forward to.

And I like Anaheim Ballet, because they have gorgeous videos that inspire me.

And I like Fit for a Feast, because they are A M A Z I N G dancers/gymnasts for being only, like, 11 and 12 years old. They inspire me too.

And I recently found Maybabytumbler, who is a "fashion guru" and a cheerleader and does pretty cool videos on her clothes, cheerleading, tumbling, and great hair tutorials.

I'm always finding new ones though, so I might mention new channels in future posts.

What are your favorite YouTube channels, if you have any?

I don't really know what else to do. I guess I'll just entertain you with photos.

Sorry if I was kind of cheesy. It's late, and I need some ice cream :)