Sunday, January 23

The Not-So-Fun-But-Kind-Of-Fun Post That We All Dread

Hey there :)

If you havn't noticed, I kind of switched some stuff around here.

For one, I added a new Page called "Picnik", which is page with a few edited pictures of mine that I like to do for fun.

And then I made a Formspring! Woot woot. And there's a tab on the side where you can ask me anything appropriate without having to actually go to, so do that if you wish.

Yeah, not a very exciting post!

But I just want to say that I really do appreciate you and your blog and your comments.

I guess I'll just entertain you with a series of Would You Rather questions while I try to wrap this lame post up.

Would you rather...
*Marry an elephant or work at a glue making company for the rest of your life
*Be bald or have Medusa-like dreadlocks
*Live in the cold, high Alps with a billy goat as your only friend or live in a damp cave with a bat as your only friend
*Be the president of Bagpipe club or of Magic & Gathering club


Saturday, January 22

Get out.

I don't know why she doesn't like me.

She says hi, hugs me, and acts completely normal.

But she likes to make plans with the others right in front of me.

She'll say to Lacey, "Hey lets go see Despicable Me today! At the dollar theatre! Me, you, and the twins!"

Or, "Hey! Come to my house tonight! We can swim in the hot tub at midnight!"

And I'll just leave.

Because I really don't know what to do about it.

Why am I letting this trivial thing hurt me?

Because it does.

A lot.

I wish I could go back to my old life, where I actually mattered to someone.
To something.

But who cares?

Oh wait. I do.

And then I don't.

And do.

And don't.

Thursday, January 20

Sheer Luck

because I just feel

Monday, January 17


For once, it's not about me.

It's about


And I'm finally happy about it.

Sunday, January 9


Hello, there.

Long time no see!

What has happened since November 10, 2010?


  • I don't really remember what happened in November other than Thanksgiving. So I'll just awkwardly skip to December.

  • My dance team had our showcase on December 2 and 3, featuring several studios around my town and other high schools' teams. We had a great turn out! I think we raised $3600 for our team to go to competition.

  • Ryann turned 10 on December 6 :)

  • I turned 15 on December 10 :)

  • I had a bunch of finals (just like you probably had) that were WAY easier than the study guides we got. Which I guess is good. But it really irritated me that we spent a quarter studying cell mitosis and the biology final asked "A snake ate a rat. Which one is the prey: the snake or the rat?"

  • I was in a production of The Nutcracker December 17-19! That was fun. And extremely stressful. But fun. I was a Snowflake, an Angel, a Spanish person, a Chinese person, and a Flower. :)

  • Christmas was nice! Nothing new happened. But it's always nice spending time with my family

  • This New Years was probably the second best New Years I've ever had! My family of four just watched concerts on TV, played Apples to Apples, and set off sparklers that permanently damaged our porch :) The best New Years I've ever had was the time I was 7 at my grandparents house in Texas. They bought a chocolate fountain for a party with some relatives that night, but it exploded in the kitchen when my grandpa tried to turn it on. :)

  • I went back to school :P

  • I had my blogoversary on January 4 :)

OK! Now I'm caught up to yesterday/last night.

As you might know, Arizona's State Governor Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head yesterday, and 20 other people were shot. It was a horrible incident. Absolutely awful.

Please keep her and the others and their families in your prayers!

She didn't die since they did neuro surgery on her right after she was rushed to the hospital, and the bullet went straight through her brain instead of shattering it. And the doctors said that they're optimistic about her living. But that doesn't mean that she won't have serious brain problems :(

Along with the shooting, 6 people, Judge John Roll, and a little 9 year old girl died, which is just horrible.

5 other people are in ICU, and that's all I know.

Isn't it completely disgusting what this 22 year old man did? I'm kind of hoping that he gets death sentence. It's an extremely good thing he was tackled down and caught.

Later that night was our school's Winter Formal at the local convention center, but it was extremely hard to get there because the whole intersection where the shooting was was closed off.

On a lighter note, Formal was really really fun!

Around 4:30, I went to my friend Ashley's house with Lacey so we could get ready together and go eat at Macaroni Grill. Ashley did my hair really pretty :)

After we ate, we went down the the convention center and gave them our tickets, security checked our bags, and we found a table close to the dance floor. By 8:15, the dance was in full swing.

It was so much fun! The DJ's were really good and me and my friends laughed and sang until we lost our voices.

We literally danced all night. Or at least until midnight.

It was kind of awkward because there was a lot of grinding, but not as bad as I thought it would be.

Plus, a bunch of people I was really close to in elementary school were kind of being gross.

People change, I guess!

I had a blast, though, and I'll see if I can get some pictures up.

Thanks for sticking with me, you guys

There are definitely going to be a lot more posts from me this year :)