Saturday, October 30


I have to go to bed in like, 5 minutes, so I'll make this quick!

Yesterday, my friend Juliette had a party. Every year, she and her ginormous family throw a Halloween party in their ginormous mansion for this elementary school nearby. This year she recruited all of us to help her with it. Basically, there were a bunch of stations where all the elementarian kids could come and play games in the backyard. I dressed up like a pirate and ran the pirate ship game, which was just a bunch of piraty pinatas that the kids got to hit with a foam sword.

My friends Cheyanne, Katja, Lacey, Ryan, Jakob, and Brett ran the maze, which was in the grape orchard. All the girls dressed up in animal costumes and animal makeup and ran loose in the courtyard making animal noises, while the guys dressed in all black and stalked people and grabbed ankles. The kids had to go in the maze and find they're way around to the center.

Some little girl started bawling because Jakob was running after her in the maze. You don't do that to fourth graders!

It was really cool, though. It was pitch black, and when it's your turn to go in, Juliette told the story of how the animals got loose in the maze to your group, gave you glowsticks to help you find your way in the dark, and let you run around.

After most of the people left, Juliette finally let all the helpers go in the maze.

It. Was. Freaking. Scary.

I screamed so loud, this morning I could barely make a sound my voice was so hoarse.

I think I broke Amanda's bra strap from trying not to get lost.

And when one of my friends tried to get away from the "gorilla" (Lacey), she accidentaly shoved me into the wall, giving my a cut that looks like a vampire bit me on my knee. :)

It was so much fun! I love Halloween parties.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Oops, now I really gotta go.

Happy Halloween!
Let out your inner kid


Saturday, October 23

Me and You (but mostly me)

It IS :)
Heehee :) They do have cute stuff!
It is :) Hahah ♥
Heehee:) That's strange! I bet you look like a gymnast :)
We probably do :) I would not doubt it! Email me at! I'm curious :)

Hello, blogger. It's been a while, no?

Maybe it just feels like forever.

I'm taking a ME day today. And I'll put a little something for you, too, I guess, if I have to. :) JK.

Anyway. Today was so stressful. At nine this morning, I had Swan Lake auditions at my studio, which were really scary, since you've gotta audition all alone in a big scary room with judges that say absolutely nothing, even if you did perfect. And I had to go FIRST. Because I had to leave early to go to a Nutcracker rehersal.

And then, my friend Lacey sent me the cast list in the middle of rehersal, and I was astonished.

My friend Rachel is 17 and has been on pointe for four years. She's very good, and was destined a good part. My other friend, Amanda, is 14 and has been on pointe for two months. Guess who got the main part of Odette?


No one knows why, but it makes me think that they jacked up the audition scores or something.

Or maybe they just had a good reason for it.

After all, everyone but Amanda got several different parts. She only got one. And Rachel got the part of Odile (Odette's evil twin), the garland girl, and a baby swan.

You wanna know what I got? :) I'm a Polish princess and a baby swan. I don't think people understand how hard the baby swan's part is. I'll try to post a YouTube video...

I'm really excited, but I feel so stressed out, too.

You never get a break, you know? It's like having never ending homework. Or never ending running. :P

And on top of all that, my toenail is falling off from pointe shoes.

It's a good thing I love it. ♥

Enough about selfish me!


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Marshmallows or Goldfish?

Burts Bees chapstick or Origins lipgloss?

Jansport or Billabong?

Hearts or Stars?

Sweatshirts or Swimsuits?


Monday, October 11


Thanks :)
Heehee :) Fall IS always really busy! I'm guessing it's because it's building up to be Thanksgiving and Christmas? ♥
Thank you! I'm surprised how many people like fall so much, because it used to be just summer and winter that everyone loved :) ♥
Hahaha :) Your comments always make me laugh! I love it ♥

So, I'm on fall break right now, and loving every second of it. Last Friday I think the teachers were more giddy than the students were about the week long break.

The only bad thing is that my dance teacher is still making us go to practices all week
And I have gymnastics tonight :P

I'll just put it out there- I'm really bad at gymnastics. I'm required to take it for dance team.

She said something about improving agility or something like that? Yeah, too bad the only thing I can do is like, a somersault.

Plus, I look really awkward trying to flip myself around, since I'm 5'9" and have the strength of a gerbil.

Anyway, I really don't want to go today.

Ooh! I found a new favorite store. You might've heard of it. It's called Anthropologie.

It's the most amazing store ever.

It has adorable clothes, and it's pretty high-fashion in it's own way. But not only does it sell clothes, it sells jewelry, shoes, bags, furniture, and house stuff. Like, incredible house stuff.

And it's not just the stuff in there that's amazing- you walk into the store, and it's so different from other stores. It's got this chic, cottage style layout that's very unique, and everything is put out perfectly. It's so much fun just to walk around.

Of course, I could never afford anything in there. Maybe the ribbon ponytail accessory for $10 (when it's on sale), but that's it.

But I always walk around in there anyway and make a never-gonna-happen-wishlist on there website.

A girl can dream, right?


Sunday, October 3


Autumn is my favorite season.

Yes, another post about autumn, I know. I've read a bunch of them too.

But don't you just love the rich fall colors, the leaves scattered everywhere, the days getting colder, bundling up on a wagon ride, carving pumpkins, putting scarecrows out, decorating, eating yummy harvest foods, and Halloween?

I sure do!

My sister and I have been decorating this random little gate on our driveway for fall. My mom promised her that she could help her decorate this year, so she did most of the decorating outside, while I mostly just hid the cords and helped her hang lights up. She likes some things to be scattered around and other things clumped together, so mind her exterior design talent. She's not bad, though :)

I'm so excited for the rest of the year