Wednesday, March 17

Copy cat

Hey ya'll!
Just sitting here, spontaneously in a writing mood :) Just like my friend Annabelle/Serena. Haha. Sorry! These names get confusing... OK from now on she is SERENA
I guess I should post my story that I've been working on...
I'm not done yet! I'll post it when I feel like it's a real cliffhanger :) So for now, I shall make up a story, just like Serena did!
OH! One more thing! Thank you Serena for my doughnut this morning! It was verrrry delicious and verrrry thoughtful
And another thing, this is a kind of a true story. Kind of not. Just about my day! :)

Wednesday, March 17
Tiffany walked down the long, blue tiled hallway with a wrinkly dollar bill in hand. All the scattered seventh and sixth graders trampled back and forth, ruining the flow of traffic. "Whoa!" Tiffany slammed up against the wall, almost being run over by three sixth grade girls singing Selena Gomez's "Naturally". Tiffany rolled her blue eyes and continued to the end of the hall. She made a left turn toward the vending machines and sighed at all of the visiting basketball team guys waiting in a long line to get a candy bar.
"And then she said, 'It's like Oxyclean!' and we bursted out laughing," Tiffany heard her friend Josie giggle to Mindy. Tiffany smiled and jogged over to them. "Hey, Tiff!" Josie smiled and gave her a quick sidehug. She brushed her blonde-brown bangs aside and pulled her Blackberry out of her pocket. "Hello! Oh, hey mom..... ya.... k.... im coming...." She hung up and grabbed her blue and brown Jansport backpack. "I gotta go" She gave Mindy a hug. "Later!" Tiffany and Mindy waved goodbye.
"What am I even doing here?" Mindy said. "I don't even have any money with me." Tiffany waved the dollar in front of her face and moved up in line. Mindy asked. "Split some Ruffles with me?" She lowered her head and gave a big toothy smile. "Haha fine" They moved up in line, and finally reached the huge glass machine. Tiffany inserted the dollar and presse A6. The dollar spit inself back out. Tiffany knit her dark eyebrows together in frustration and shoved the dollar back in the small slot. It shot back out. "Here, let me try." Mindy grabbed the dollar and rubbed it up and down the edge of the machine. She slid it back in the slot and pressed A6 again. The game-like claw moved up to the top and grabbed the Ruffles, letting them fall to the bottom.
"Yay!" Tiffany punched the air in excitement while Mindy grabbed the bag, giggling. "Finally!" The two girls started walking, snacking, and sharing inside jokes while they walked down the empty hallway. Click clack, click clack. Tiffany turned her head to the janitors closet and saw Cody wheeling out a garbage can. Out of instinct, Tiffany tucked a blonde grown out side-bang behind her ear, then flipped it back to where it was before.
"Hey, Cody!" Mindy said cheerfully giving him a hug. Tiffany didn't move. "Detention again?" Mindy asked. He nodded and rolled his eyes. "Too many tardies. But it wasn't even a good reason to give me them." He kind of chuckled. Cody glanced at Tiffany and quickly looked away. Her heart pumped a little faster.
"Cody! I need you over here!" The custodian, Mr. Masper, yelled from the other hall.
"See ya," He said, playfully rolling the trash can over Mindy's toe. Mindy waved goodbye and continued back to their previous conversation. Tiffany half smiled and walked outside with Mindy, pretending that nothing ever happened.
"Come on! Lets go see the basketball game." Mindy grabbed Tiffany's wrist and dragged her outside toward the seperate gym. Tiffany grinned and wiped away the bad thoughts from her head. She knew that watching a victory game against a different school would lift her mood. Plus, it was the guys A-team game...

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