Saturday, August 28

Lists and Chances

Good things about my high school:

1. Tonnnnns of new people to meet

2. Better lunch than the average school

3. On Tuesdays and Wednesday's, school starts at 9:15 instead of 8:15

4. Very lovely campus

5. Lots and lots and lots of clubs/sports

6. There's so much school spirit

7. Friday night football games=AMAZINGLY FUN

8. There are no lockers, and you get a set of books to keep at home and a set to keep in the
classroom, so you don't have to lug them around all day

9. I've made so many new friends!

Bad things about my high school:

1. Tonnnnns of people altogether, which crowd the hallways

2. Lines at lunch are extremely long

3. Busses still run at 7:45 am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so you have to wait an hour until
school starts.

4. Very bad parent drop off design- the traffic gets backed up to like, three intersections

5. I can't choose which clubs to join

6. There's nothing really bad about school spirit... haha. It's just really loud :)

7. Friday night football games= NO PARKING SPOTS

8. Since there are no lockers, I have to lug everything but books around the huge campus

9. I havn't seen half my regular friends yet, since the campus is so big!

Oh, and another thing that irritates me.

There are approximately only 4 cute freshmen guys out of 250 freshmen guys.
There are approximately only 190 freshmen girls who wear butt-shorts and lowcut v-necks out of 250 freshmen girls.
The chances of me getting one of those 4 cute freshmen guys= NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Good thing I have a new crush who sits by me everyday at lunch

I love high school :)

PS. I got an award! YAY. I'll post it next time. Thanks, Rosalie :)

Friday, August 20

Everything g l i t t e r s in the end

Thank you.

I love you all, so much ♥

And I don't think you'll ever understand how uplifting you all are.

I'm better.

Life's been rough.

Not nearly as bad as it could've been, actually it was very minor, but it's important to me, and I'm weak.

I have a lot to learn.

But it's getting to be okay!

I promise.

I found new comfort :)

(It's not about a boy, if you're wondering. I just like this pic.)

Found a new amazing song:

Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine

Makes me think ♥

I'm done with being sad.

Bring on the glitter :)


Tuesday, August 17

Please don't make me say it again.

I'm sorry.

I just don't know what to do.

Wednesday, August 11

High, High, High School

WHEW has it been a while since I've posted!

You wanna know why?

'Cuz today was my FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL!!

Yesh. I'm at the bottom of the doggie pile gain. But who cares? It's like entering 6th grade again- you don't worry about the upperclassmen, you only worry about your fellow classmates and how you look to them. x)

(rude ^^^^)

Man, next years gonna stink. I'll realize what an idiot I was when I was a "lil' freshman"


Before I forget, the beautiful Blaize tagged me in a 4 Things post! Thank you :)

4 Things found in my bag
• Cell Phone

• Lipgloss (Origins "Soft Sizzle")
• An extra pair of flip flops (I break them pretty easily)
• A notebook

4 Things found in my purse

I don't really use a purse, but here's what would be in it if I did.

• Cell Phone (never leave without it)
• Moolah $$$
• Another Lipgloss- same color
• Weird flavored gum

4 Favourite things in my room
• My absolute favorite is my butterfly chair. Hands down.

• My tractor chair that is technically my desk chair.
• My pictures covering the walls.
• The scrapbook Serena made me for my birthday and the one I recently made.

4 Things I’ve always wanted to do
• Get in huge trouble and not get any punishment

• Travel the world
• Save enough money for rollerskates. I doubt that'll happen, though.
• Ride the biggest, scariest roller coaster ever

4 Things I’m currently into
• Flowy feminine shirts

• Making smoothies in the mornings
• My brand new room
• Lucky Charms

4 Things I bet you didn’t know about me
• I want to become the President of the United States one day. Maybe the first female president...
• I absolutely love salmon and shrimp (fried or grilled)
• I love taking notes for school, as long as they're nice and neat

• My favorite word is "hippopotamus"

4 Songs I can’t get out of my head
• I Like It- Enrique Iglesias
• Cooler Than Me- Mike Posner

• The Garden- Mirah
• Fix You- Coldplay

Thanks again, Blaize :)

Just so you know, lil' Vladimir went back home to Serena safe and sound ♥

He left my room a hot mess, but he was worth it!

Anyway, I met a lottttt of new people today, but my friend Brittany told me to watch out for some of the girls. Most of the kids are from a public school nearby where Brittany went, and she said some of the girls are really, really mean.

They seem nice now! They're being really nice to me and giving me hugs and stuff. I barely know them! It's kind of cool :)

But I'll keep an eye out, just in case.

I reallllly wanna make some new friends, and it's gonna be hard because everyone already has little cliques with their friends. I have my friends too, but I still want to make new ones.

I mean, who doesn't want to make new friends?

I better go do my homework. I know- homework on the first day?! It's pretty crazy :)


Tuesday, August 3


Yes. That's right. I'm BUNNYSITTING!

I get the pleasure of bunnysitting Gilbert, Serena's beautiful bunny while she's in NY.

Actually, he has three names. Gilbert, Gilligan, and Vladimir, but I'm the only one who calls him Vladimir.

He is sooooo cute. I finally found my connector cord to my camera, so I can show you pictures of him now!

He tried to hop out, so I stopped him :)

I took the first two yesterday, and ^^^ that one just now. I don't really have a steady hand, so I had to put the camera on my floor and take the pic. Ha.

I really, really wanted to show you pictures of my complete room (!!!!), but I bunnyproofed my room, so everythings a little misplaced and not clean :)

*I realized the other day that I havn't done comments in forever! So I did something new and very common- I replied to your comments in the comments section. So if you want to see my reply to your comment, just look back at the last post and read it. If you don't care about my reply, it doesn't hurt my feelings, so don't read it :)*

OOH. I have something new! If you have your volume on, you'll already know that I added a MixPod! Yay. So don't get freaked out like I do when a song blasts unexpectedly (sp?). And these are all my favorite songs, so if you don't like them, do me a favor and hit "mute". I think they're all pretty common songs, though.

Oh, shoot. Vlad just broke through one of my bunnyproof corner things.

Gotta go fix it!

Later :)


PS. Thank you thank you thank you!! I have 32 FOLLOWERS now! I really, really appreciate it