Tuesday, June 29

I would like to thank...

I'm depressed, but I don't feel depressed. My mind just thinks I am.


My dreams and thoughts have been getting weirder and weirder lately.
Like, last night, I had a dream that me and my sister went to Walmart and filled up a whole cart of Toy Story 3 Macaroni and Cheese.

Yeah. I don't know. Is it something I ate?

I want to go see Toy Story 3 now.

Anyways, today's blog is special.
Wait! Comments!
Abby: Thank you!! I totally understand your hate for both- my whole family likes neither too :)
Serena: I did indeed know that! And YES YOU DO! :)
Ailish: Thank you- he's my perfect kitten :)
Francesca: I'll try to post them up as soon as I can! :)
Mizz Ali: Thank you!! Haha :)
Ace-of-Aoife: Thank you! I like YOUR blog- I'm following :)
Cassidy: Thank you! You followed me, I'm following you :)
Random Rawr: Awesome :) Haha I'm glad you like my kitty :)
Talia: Thank you! :)

Ok- NOW onto my special blog!
The other day, I was just grabbing some groceries and pizza with my mom when I realized, "There are so many people out there who spend every day doing little, but nice things for us."

Yeah, a lot of the time they only do it for money, but still!

I want to acknowledge the people who do these jobs for our convienence.

1. The people who push shopping carts back into the store. Without them, the parking lot would be a mess.

2. The people who check the dirt on the ground before a house is built. If we didn't have them, our houses would sink into the Earth's core.

3. Clowns. They make a fool out of themselves to entertain (and scare) us.

4. Tennis judges. Who wants to sit out there in the hot sun and say, "Fifteen, Love." and "Deuce" for five hours? Only if you have a deep love of watching (not playing) tennis.

5. The people who invent video games. Without them, a lot of people would be healthier and not brain dead. But, they do have amazing skills and graphic art training. Who else can fit an entire Mario game on an itty bitty disk?

6. The people who write out instructions for weird things, like how to work a jump rope and how to install a safety child's seat in the car.

7. The people who invent the weirdest things, like the Alarm Fork (times you between bites so you don't eat too fast), Putt'n'Reel (lets you putt, then use the fishing-line feature to reel in your golf ball), and Beerbrella (keeps the sun off your beer). Without them, our world would be so boring.

That's pretty much all I can think of right now, but you get the point, right? I sound like the people at the Grammy's. "I'd like to thank my mom, for her support, and my dad, for his support too..."

I guess I'm into nail pictures, today, too!

Have a nice day ♥
Oh- my room is almost COMPLETE! I just have to put pictures on the wall, install some knob things, and get my poster, then I'll be SET to show you pictures!! I'm physched (sp?).


Tuesday, June 22

Room Redo: Day Six


How are you?

I had a billion things I wanted to talk about on my blog, but I forgot them all, again.
I should really start writing them down.

Right now, I'm typing with one hand because I'm holding my adorable little Persian, Kurby.
You wanna see a picture of him?

So, obviously this isn't him now, since I took this in 2006. He grew into his eyes, and is bigger. But he's still adorable.

I don't know why I told you that.

I don't really know what to talk about now.

I didn't sleep well at all.

OOOH! I remembered!

I'll get to that in just a minute!

Anyways, I went to Landon's house last night so I could have a sleepover with his little sister, and her stupid chihuahua's kept me up ALL NIGHT. Until her dad kicked them outside. Then her mom let them back in. So, the stupid dog's were jumping all over me and playing with each other.

Aww, I forgot to do comments.

Emily: Thank you! So much! That means a lot :)

Francesca: They are pretty amazing! Thank you :)

TheMadTwins: Thanks! :)

Talia: Thank you!! It IS a lot of fun. You'll have a blast :)

S and O: I LOVE that movie! And yeah... it is random, but in a good way, huh? :)

Mizz Ali: Thank you and you're welcome! :)

Abby: Thank you! You too :)

Cassidy: Thanks :)


Ok, so now I was going to post pictures of my room makeover, but my computer's being stupid and won't upload the pictures.

My room used to be like a fucshia (sp?) pink on one wall, then the rest of the walls were white. My room's theme colors were pink, blue and green. I love those colors, but it's time for a change! Now, my room is going to be beach/surfer themed. I got my ideas from these photos coming up...

I really like a specific thing from each room.

I love love LOVE the hammock poster. And the big shelf over the bed.

I like the puppy poster ;)

I love the bedspread and comforter, and the letters (which are supposed to spell your initials)

I LOVE the blue sheer curtains. And the comforter. And just the feel of the room.

I love the day bed, which is just like a bed, but it looks like a couch. It's like a two-for-one :) And I love the lanterns hanging over the bed.

This room's my favorite. I love the comforter and day bed, and the rotating bulliten board, and the "beach" sign in the back. I also LOVE windows, especially these big ones.

I love the feel of this room, too. And the random dog. :)

Ok, so I'm not painting my room these colors. But I just HAD to show you the tree mural in the back! It's adorable.

So, those are the rooms I love. Which one's do you like, if any?

As you can see, I'm on Day Six of my room redo. Here's how the progress went:

Day One: Me and my mom starting planning want I'm going to do.
Day Two: We went to Home Depot and picked out dozens of blues, and later picked one out. It's called "Surfer"- see the color here

Day Three: We moved all the furniture out and deep cleaned my room.
Day Four: Started painting the first wall and half of the second wall.
Day Five: Finished painting second wall and fixed the trim
Day Six: We'll just have to see what we do today!

I'm super excited! It's already changed a lot, but I'm getting new decorations, and moving everything around, the whole package.


OH! I was going to talk about Serena's party, but that would take HOURS, and I need to go run some errands, so if you want to know what happened (pretty interesting!) and see some pics (pretty awesome!), go here.

And thank you, Serena, for your lovely shout out :) It means a lot to me!

Yup! I kind of remembered of what I was going to post before, but I don't have enough time right now to talk about it. I just wrote it down, though, for my next blog :)

So, I'll leave you with an important would-you-rather-eat...

Pistachios or Sunflower Seeds?

Oh, and the reason I could post the pics of the rooms and my cat and not the one's of my room are because I already had those saved on my computer.

I'm not an idiot, I promise! Just not very good with technology.

Oh, and I don't own ANY of those room pictures. Those are one-hundred percent PBTeen's pictures. I'm just an innocent blogger who doesn't want any copyright problems.

I just realized I said "Oh," like, nine times in this blog.


Friday, June 18

Birthday Frenzy


Tonight was really fun :)

I'm so tired. I've been thinking so hard of what to say in my blog all day, and I totally blanked about thirty minutes ago. I'm sorry :/ Another lame blogg.

I'm so sleepy I'm doublingg letters.


I'll pull myself together!

First, I want to thank Kylie for my "The Lovely Blog of Randomness Award"! Thank you so much :)

The rules are...
1. Display this award in some way on your blog
2. Name 17 of your favorite random things
-The way my two Persian's fur feels after getting shaved for the summer
-The color turquoise
-Dark chocolate gelato
-Burts Bees
-The cold rush you get after you step out of a warm shower
-The smell of the tire shopp
-Flower arrangements
-Big Time Rush ;)
-Berry smoothies
-The smell of Hollister
-Playing music too loud
-Wishing at 11:11
-Green eyess
-Silly straws
-Getting tickled
3. Award 4 of your favorite random bloggers
I shall award...




See? I figured out how to tag peoplee! I'm so excited :)

Second, I'll respond to some comments:
That-girl: Thanks! Ooooh... spooky! Maybe it IS a coincedincee (sp?)! :)
Snaily: Thank you! I like your blog- I'm now following it :)
Francesca: Thank you! :) My computer is being spazzy lately, too, but thanks for trying! :)
Serena: :( I'm sorry :( People love your blog, too! Don't be jealous
Talia: Thank you!! Haha I admire you, too! :)
Blaize: Thank you! :) :) Haha

Now, I'll talk about Juliet's party!

It was really fun. We all met at Frost (gelato shop) at this really nice, upscale, outdoor mall, and then went to Blanco (mexican restrurant *sp?*) to eat. Everyone was kind of shy during that, but you can't really talk while you eat, I guess. Well, you can, but isn't that rude? Then we went on a patch of (fake) grass and Juliet opened up presents. We all sat on tissue paper because the grasss scratched our legs :)
Then we started the scavenger hunt. It was really fun- we each had a partner, then we had to go around the stores and take pictures of things on our list. A few that I remember are...

Coach- Take a picture of a purse on top of your head.
Sunglass Hut- Take a picture of all the different brands of sunglasses.
Apple Store- Take a video of your partner pretending to be an old person trying to figure out how to work an iPod.
Everything But Water- Take a picture of a cute swimsuit
A Pea in A Pod- Take a picture of a maternity outfit.
AJ's- Take a picture of ketchup packets.
Lucky Jeans- Take a picture of the biggest size of jeans you can find.
Victoria's Secret- Take a picture of a 36DD size bra

I'd post the pictures, but
a. I don't know if my partner wants her picture on the World Wide Web
b. I don't know how to post the pics from my phone

They were pretty fun, though! And you had to dodge the security guards and cashiers, because they don't seem to like it when you run around their classy mall taking pictures. Then we all went to Frost and got gelato. Then all the shops were closing (except for the restruants), so we got locked in Tiffany&Co (ironic!) by a nice security guy named Jared, and so one of my friends asked him why he didn't work at Jared's instead of Tiffany&Co. It was pretty funny :)

Then we ran up the down escalator and vice versa, had races up the elevators, and danced around until our parents picked us up. It was very fun! :D

Did I bore you? I'm sorry. Haha I'm almost done!

GOOD NEWS!! I got my bag back!! And my phone!! Turns out, my other friend's little sister tried to be helpful by picking up a bag to help her mom, and accidentely picked up mine! I was so excited :D She said she was so sorry, and I got it back the other day!! Thanks for your encouraging comments- you were sooo right :)


I don't really understand this. Why does it say "sometimes all it takes is a hug", but just has a picture of shoes? Hmm.

This makes more sense.


I love this movie :)

I don't know why I like pig pictures so much. He's pretty cute, though!

Yup! Hope you enjoyed themm :)
Tomorrow's another busy day, but I'm really excited! I get to help Serena set up for her party :)
I'll blog again tomorrow, probably.
Happy belated birthday's to Serena and Juliet! I love you guys ♥

Thursday, June 17



I don't post for a week and a half, and I get

Thank you, sooooo much! I finally hit the mark! I accomplished a goal! You made my day!

Thanks. I reallllllly appreciate it!

I want to reply to some comments real quick.

Random Rawr: Thank you! I like it, too. All summery. I never talk about it, either. My only actual friends who know my blog exists are Serena and Juliet. And YES! I love camp! It's so much fun :)

That-girl: :) I like your blog. And smiley faces. Thank you! :)

Mizz Ali: Thank you!! I've been blogging since January, too! I am now an official follower of your blog :)

Talia: Thank you. SOOO much :) Your opinion really matters to me! I appreciate it :)

Devin: Omygosh! That's terrible!! Good thing you found out who stole it, though. I'm sorry you couldn't get it back :( Some people just arn't very kind. Thank you! :)

Hannah: Thank you :) I really appreciate it!!

Gabrielle: Thanks! Ugh. Murphy's Laws are the worst. Thank you! I really love seeing other Christians follow my blog :)

BLINGALICIOUS: Thank you!! Haha. I'm an official follower of your blog, too :)

Juliet: Aww :) Your so sweet! Thank you so much. And YES WE DO! Can't wait for tomorrow! :)

Ok! That made me happy :)

Well anyways, I'm so sorry I havn't posted in forever (well, it just seems like forever).

Right now, and I'm not even kidding, my life revolves around


I wake up at 8:30, leave at 8:50, teach Hip Hop 1 until 12:00, eat lunch, go back for Pointe at 1:00, leave at 4:00 for dinner, go back at 5:30 for Conditioning, and go home at 7:00.

These past two weeks have been insane. I don't want it to seem like I'm bragging, or complaining, because I love it; I just want to tell you so I have an excuse for not blogging and commenting!

Please forgive me.
Anyways, I'm pretty exausted. I don't really feel like blogging right now :/ I'm sorry. I promise I'll have a happy, upbeat, long blog tomorrow! For now, I'll entertain you with some pictures and one video link.
I think the violin is sooo pretty. I wish I could play it.
I love cats.

This made me happy for numerous reasons ;)

I'm painting my room a color a little more intense than this! It's sooo pretty. I'll post pics when I get it done.

I just very recently became obsessed with Kerli. Her song "Walking on Air" is really good.

I don't really know what this picture is, but it made me giggle. :)

I have more pictures, but I want to save those for another day :)

The video clip is of my jazz class two years ago performing one of my favorite dances ever- "Red" by Cheville (I think that's how it's spelled)

I don't really know how to put up videos on here, so I'll just post the link.

Well, I think I'm going to go to bed. It's 11:18 pm right now where I live, and I promised my grandma I'd give her dog a bath in the morning, so I'll be going, now.


Thanks a bunch for putting up with my non-blogging. You guys are awesome!


Thursday, June 10



I'm extremely upset.

But before I talk, I'm going to reply to some comments.

Hannah: Thank you for telling me! I didn't know that there was a first one. That makes a LOT more sense. I'll have to read that, too. Sometimes I'm such a blonde. ;)

Talia: Oh, good! I'm not insane! Now it's not even letting me read her blog- is that happening to you too?

Francesca: Same. :( I tried reaching her on too, and it still didn't work, I don't think.

Devin: :) I like it, too! I hope she realizes it's not our fault we can't comment.

S and O: Thank you! I'm a very passionate about dance. :)

Charlotte: I know, huh? The URL is , but it won't even let me go to her blog anymore. Maybe you'll have more luck. PS. Thanks- I'm going to try to update it more! :)

Ok. Back to my blog.

You see, all week long I've been at dance camp. Four hours of camp for me, an hour lunch break with Lacey, Brittany, Amanda, Rachel, and Shaela in the cafe, then four more hours of teaching little bitty cheerleader's how to, well, cheerlead, I guess. Oh, and then Conditioning/Stretching for two hours, but I get to go home for a while before that.

I'm very sore.

Well, today, the cheerleader's parents got to come and watch their children do their routine they learned and some tumbling. It was pretty fun. We showed them how they learned to hula hoop, showed their parents their crafts they made, and of course, their routine they learned.

Ha. They can't do that ;)

I was enjoying it, watching them (they're so cute-they're ages four through eight). Then, while I was cleaning up the mats, I was trying to find my dance bag.

I couldn't find it. ANYWHERE.

We tore up the room, trying to find it somewhere. But no luck. My dance shoes were in there, some tennis balls (don't ask), $4, Burt's Bees lip balm, some bobby pins, tissues, bandaids, a water bottle, and my PHONE.


I've never lost my phone before. It's always right by my side, warming up my pocket. And this time, a parent accidentely took it. Or, I hope it was an accident. My mom is NOT happy. I didn't expect her to be. But now I'm upset.

Then, my dance teacher came into class. Shaela is my summer dance teacher and taught my modern class for the school year, but Marissa is my real dance teacher, and she is amazing. Not just at dance, but her personality. She's 23, so she can bond with us without being, you know, old. And she does bond with us. She's like the older sister I wish I had. She's really pretty, too.

Well, she quit.

Yup. She came into our class, started crying, and said she was quitting.

That made me even more upset.

She said she's not getting paid enough, and she tried talking to the owner of the studio, and she won't give her a raise, so she got another job at a different studio. She LEFT us! For a different studio! They're going to learn all her amazing dance secrets! Grow a bond with them! That makes me the most angry.

THEN, when I got home, I was making a smoothie, and I asked my sister if she could get out the frozen berries. She put them on the hot stove and melted the plastic and half the berries, ruining my smoothie and leaving me to fix the stove.

THEN, I was washing my hands in the kitchen sink, knocked over the soap, and broke a glass cup.

As you can see, today is a definite Murphy's Laws day.

Well, and least it's my half birthday.