Monday, March 1

Love, Like, which to use????

Hey there, once again!
Me and Annabelle were talking yesterday at our sleepover, and we decided that love is a word we use WAY too often.

Yes. I LOVE my parents.

I LOVE my dog and kitties.

I LOVE my really close friends.

I might even LOVE my obnoxious sister.

But we can't use love for everything and everyone!

I LIKE telivision.

I LIKE my phone.

I LIKE shopping.

I LIKE Aiden (not like-like: just respect!).

But I don't love them!

So, in conclusion, Annabelle and I (oooh, correct grammar!) created a new word for in the middle of like and love, because you can't say you don't love your not-as-close friends or your favorite color!

So we invented LIKOVE.

Likove is the word in the middle of "like" and "love".

I LIKOVE Derrick.

I LIKOVE chocolate.

I LIKOVE writing.

I LIKOVE blogging.


Clever, no?

:) Comment if you like it!

Got to go now- blog to ya later!


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