Thursday, July 29

Meaningful Christina


What should I talk about today?

I've been thinking about sharing my thoughts with you like some of you do on your blogs, but I decided not to. I learned it weirds me out to talk about my thoughts.

I feel kind of meaningless lately, thinking about absolutely nothing. Days have been breezing by, and I just live them, with no thought.

Honestly, I don't really like to talk about thinking or my thoughts, because, well, their mine. And it weirds me out, writing down my own thoughts and sharing them.

I love love LOVE reading your blogs and thoughts, but my own? Nah. It makes me uncomfortable.

So, I'm going to share some of Christina Aguilera's thoughts instead. Or, at least the song writer's thoughts.

I've been having a lot of dance rehersals lately for dance team, (don't worry- I'm not going to blab all about dance. You've heard more than enough about it recently from me!) and this week we've been working on a new routine for August 10, which is a freshman pep assembely (sp?).

It's the day before school starts, and it's where all the freshmen come, sit in the gym, get a lecture from the principal, and wander around the school, finding our classes ahead of time so we don't get lost during real school.

I'm actually really excited for it! I get to meet all the new freshmen :)

Anyways, we're going to perform this routine for all the freshmen (ironic, 'cause I am one) and get them all riled up for school.

The routine is to Bobblehead, by Christina Aguilera. It's really upbeat, about how girls act dumb to get guys - actually, I'll just give you the YouTube link right here instead of telling you about it ---->
(NOTE- Three cuss words in the song, you know, just in case)

You have to hear the whole song to get the whole effect. It's really funny :) But it has a meaning, too. I'll give you some of the lyrics. The good ones that I like, not just the "wah, wah, wah wah wah" part.

Girls like you give girls a bad name
Trying to get a boy but you sound so lame
Thinking it's cute to act real dumb
But the jokes on you, you stupid hon

I never play dumb
To get what I want
And always come out the one
That's on top

He, he, ha I don't care what you looking at
Body so skinny but your head's so fat
Talky, talky, talky but you don't say
Got a way with words, you give me laughing fits

Why, oh, why pretend?
I know you got a brain, why don't you use it?
Why, oh, why pretend?
If you so smart, why you act brain dead

See? Kind of funny. And soooo true.

Some (actually, most) girls act so dumb to get boys, which is really stupid. I think we've all done that, at one point, though.

Have you seen that episode of Suite Life On Deck? The one where there is a school dance on the ship, and Cody and Bailey try to find dates to it? If you havn't, Bailey acts really stupid to get this one guy to ask her, and in the end, he's all like "Can't you say anything meaningful? Other than 'Teehee' and flipping your hair?!"

I feel like I'm nine years old again, watching that show. :)

But it's true! It's really dumb to act that way, because I think most of us girls want to appear smart and intelligent, not stupid and "braindead" like a "bobblehead".


Thank you, Christina (or whoever wrote it), for sharing these words to girls everywhere. :)

Lots of love!


PS. I just spent half an hour trying to find a good picture that goes with my post, and I couldn't find a single one. Sorry! :/

Saturday, July 24



Thank you soooo much for not ditching. And for all of your extremely sweet comments on my post before I left.
And thank you so so so much,
Serena, for posting for me ♥ ♥ ♥

I feel awful for not posting in exactly 13 days. To me, that feels like an eternity.

So now, I'm going to bore you with a tremendously (sp?) long and juicy post about camp.


Like Serena said, this camp is incredible. I've been going there for three years, but this was the last year I could go for my church.

Yes, church camp!

It's an adventure camp, with stuff like an Alpine Tower (50 ft tall outdoor rock wall), digglers (a mix between a bike, skateboard and scooter), mountain bikes, horses, a waterslide, nice cabins, GOOD food, a rec room, reppeling, a pump track (extreme mountain biking), a rifle range, smaller rock walls, volleyball court, a big gym, mechanical bull, disc golf, and my favorite, The Screamer (A zip line, kind of. Actually, more of a giant swing, where you're held by a harness and a cable 40 ft in the air, then you let go and free fall, swinging back and forth).

And every day, you eat breakfast, sign up for four activities with your friends, go do three, eat lunch, do your fourth activity, do MXC (most extreme challenge) with your team, go to Family Journey with your cabin, eat a themed dinner (dress up for the theme every day), do a group game, go to the sermon and worship, go to bed at eleven, wake up at seven and do it all over again.

It is amazingly, incredibly fun.

MXC is sooo much fun. The camp divides how many people you have into six teams, and you compete other teams in games like shopping cart races, square dancing dance-offs, relay races, and on the last day, a rodeo. This year, the teams were the Duckies, Butterflies, Kittens, Bunnies, Dough Boys, and Poodles. I was on the Poodles. Menacing names, right? :) They had a reason for all the cutesy names, but I forgot it. Haha :)

The dinners are fun, too! This year, the themes were Knight Night, Nascar, and Tribute to your Leaders. For Knight Night, me and Meledy dressed as the court fools in totally mismatching clothing, which was fun. On Nascar Night, I duck taped a 43 on my shirt for a Nascar racer whose name I forgot. I couldn't think of anything else. Then on Tribute to your Leader Night, I dressed up as my pastor, Seth, who's 28, nerdy, and hilarious. Anna and I dressed up in sweater vests, glasses (even though he doesn't wear them), khakis, and for the main thing, we sprayed perfume under our pits for the sweat marks that he always grosses us out by showing us. He was cracking up.

I don't want to bore you with telling you every detail of my week, so I'll just tell you the four most exciting/terrifying things that happened.

1. On the bus ride there (A good, tour bus- not a gross school bus. I would've rather walked instead of riding for eight hours in that thing!), I was lying on an empty seat reading a book with my head against the big window, when all of a sudden I heard a huge crack. I sat up quickly and turned around, and the window was totally and utterly shattered (probably by a bird, we decided). Everyone in the bus' mouth fell open and stared at it, and then we all cracked up. The rest of the bus ride, we were all chanting at the window "Break! Break! Break! Break!" until the pieces of glass fell off. We have no life. :) Here's a pic.

2. On the last day, after worship, we all got our bathing suits on and me, Alexis, Meledy, Kaylee, Sophie, Cody, Hunter, Jordan, and BJ rode the waterslide from 11 pm- 2 am :) Oh, and they lit up the waterslide with tons of glow sticks, so it was pitch black except for a few randow glow sticks and strobe lights in the waterslide. Wet, scary and fun :)

3. On the last day, me, Meledy, and a couple girls from my cabin were going to go ride digglers for one of our activities. The digglers are one of their most dangerous activities to do, because you ride in a truck up a mile and a half on a very rocky dirt trail, then diggle all the way down 30 mph. You lose control very easily. The day before was my first time ever on them (I racked up the courage), and fell and scraped my hip. It was so fun though, and I made it the rest of the way. Then, on this particular day, we decided we wanted to ride them again. So we all drove up in the truck again, grabbed our digglers, and started going down. Right before the very first (and steepest) hill, I was catching up to the person in front of me. I thought to myself, "Huh. I better slow down, so I don't crash into her". I pulled the brake hard. BAD IDEA. The diggler stopped, but I didn't. I flew over the handle bars and fell down the hill. Then Melody, who was behind me, freaked out and swerved around, trying not to hit me. Her diggler fell from under her, and she skidded on her knees the whole way down the hill. My arm was torn up and bloody, and I had to get back in the truck and go the the nurses station :/ She washed out my gash, pulled out the gravel with tweezers, put alcohol in it, put Neosporin on it, gauzed it up, and told me that it was the worst injury they've had all week, and that I was one tough cookie :) That made my tears stop. Then she told me a story about some kid the week before, who had absolutely no pain tolerence and was scratching the wall and screaming over two tiny cuts on his arm. That made me laugh :) It's so weird when I think about it. This was the first real accident I've ever had, and the worst injury I've ever had, and I didn't even get stitches or break anything. I don't get hurt a lot, so this really scared me. Ha... it's pretty grody.

(That's me and my friends right before the incident :) )

4. I forgot. Sorry, haha! I'll try to remember. It probably wasn't even that important :)

Yup. That's camp! I had a blast.

I got back home two days ago, and I couldn't post yesterday because my mom was throwing a spa party. You know that Premier Designs Jewelry thing? Where strange ladies come over to your house and sell jewelry to your friends? It's just like this, but better, because you get an actual spa treatment and get to try everything. It's called BeautiControl, I think, and it was actually really fun! Serena, Lacy and her little cousin, and Meledy came with their parents. We were cracking up because we couldn't understand the lady on the recording for "stress relief relaxation". And because we had to put on this lip cream that made everyone's lips look like we each ate a tub of frosting. And because there was this head massager that looked like giant spider legs that vibrated on our heads, that tickled awfully bad. It was a good night :)

I'm gonna go see Ramona and Beezus now :) :) :) I've been waiting for this!

Talk to you later ♥


Tuesday, July 20

Tiffany is gone?! SAY WHAT?!?

Hey guys!
Because I'm going to let you in on a secret....
This is not Tiffany.
This is Serena!
If you don't know me, I have a blog too (
Our dear friend Tiff is at camp, so she asked me to do a post for her, letting y'all know that she won't be blogging for a while.
So, that's why I'm here!
To let you know that she didn't blow you off. No, she is out having a ball at this awesome camp, too busy having an awesome time to blog :)
So, I would end this post here, but I want to tell you guys about a certain camp that me and Tiff went to when we were little.
It's not the same camp she is at right now.
The camp I'm going to talk about it....
Dun, dun, dunnnnnn....
Long story short, we hated Girl Scout Camp.
Every night we had either a bonfire or a sing along or something, so we would have to walk back to our cabins. 
Simple, you say. Just take a flashlight.
Because if you turned on the flashlight, bugs would swarm. And I'm not kidding. They would literally swarm.
So, we walked back in the dark.
Our cabin had no glass covering the wondows. Only tarps. So anything could get into your cabin.
The food was worse. 
Canned ham, frozen peas, and stale bread were among the assortment.
And every night we did a "SLEEPING BAG CHECK" to make sure that there were no bugs (spiders!) in our beds. But we couldnt turn on the light, so we had to blindly feel around our beds to make sure they were clean and free of creepy crawlers. 
And one day, a girl named Thalia (not the blogger, a different girl :D ) got Strep throat, and the next day, half our entire bunk had it! And they only gave us cough drops!!!!! We needed prescription medication! And they wouldnt even let us call home!
So, anyways, that camp was terrible. Im advising you to never go.
But the camp Tiffany is at right now, is AMAZING. I've only been to it once. I would have gone this year, but I had to pack for my trip to New York.
I wish I could be at that camp right now, though!!!
Horse back riding, dirt bike riding, rock climbing, costume contests every night, comfy beds, in rooms WITH WINDOWS AND DOORS, good home made meals, a zipline, hiking, etc. etc. That camp was the best.
ARHG. I wish I was there. Well, anyway, I gotta go.
Tiffany is probably gonna be mad that I blabbed on and on about camp on her blog. Sorry, Tiff! Hahaha love ya :)
Anyways, this has been Serena, saying sorry for not being able to blog on behalf of Tiffany.
But she'll be back later! I promise!
Bye guys!

Monday, July 12

Blabbing and Food Chains

Mad at myself again!

One, because I ignored Blaize and changed my background (Sorry, Blaize! Won't change it for a while- hope it loads quickly still!)

And two, because I've been really bad at blogging. You guys are right- it's hard to follow a schedule :/

I'm not going to do comments, because I want to talk! I'm selfish today ;) But thank you so much for your comments! They mean the WORLD to me. ♥

I'm so excited for school.

Not for the actual school/homework/learning stuff, but because I'm going to be a...



Yes, the bottom of the food chain. For the third time, since Kindergarten and 6th grade :P

BUT, I'm going to a different school! A brand new school!

I can start all over!

I can be who I want to be- not shy, or quiet, or the girl who blends in. I know, totally cliche', but it's true.

Yesterday, when I was at church, my pastor gave an amazing message on how Christian's should walk a fine line on being different.

There's all sorts of ways you can be different that I never thought of. For example, you can be not different at all. These people don't want to be different, and they want to blend in with non-Christian's. They want to go to a church that doesn't even feel like a church, but it is technically church. Another example- you can go too far. Like those Christian's who protest on the freeway? I'll show you a picture.

Oooh, just kidding! They're all a little too dirty for my blog :/ But they were talking about how if you support gay pride/abortion/other things like that, you'll go to Hell and God hates you for doing that. Which is stupid, because everyone sins for all different reasons, and God loves everyone, no matter what.

They're both stupid (blending in and protesting). Because that's how Christian's are represented! By other Christian's! And when some of their actions are stupid, it reflects on the rest of us, and that's why Christian's are steryotyped. Which is why my pastor said we need to walk the fine line.

Hey, you read my blog, you get the whole package, me preaching and all :)

I want to walk the fine line! I want to be different in a good way! Now I can, with a new group of kids (well, except for the kids I went to elementary school with, and a few of my recent school mates- haha, school mates! I totally just made that word up.) and a school that has 1,500 kids in it :)

I'm done talking. Are you excited for school to start? I'm just excited for high school.

I already know some of the seniors, juniors and sophmores AND their phone numbers. I am so cool, a little freshman hanging with them ;) But I know them from the dance team.

Did I tell you?? I made the high school dance team!!! A ton of people tried out, and I made it! ME! It feels unreal :) We have practice every Monday and Wednesday from after school-5:30, and we perform at football games, pep rallies, and competitions! There are 12 people on the team, and only two freshman, including me. :P Oh well!

I'm going to go grab some Double Fudge Brownie Ice Cream :) Thanks for listening


Thursday, July 8

*Slaps wrist while she ditches blogging*

Short blog again!

I've been breaking my rules already. I thought I could go for at least a week before I broke my Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday streak, but that obviously didn't happen. *slaps wrist shamefully*

Thanks to my 27 followers! Thank you thank you thank you! ♥

Going to go watch So You Think You Can Dance now. I'm sorry, I just HAVE to see if Alex is going to be okay. Did anyone catch the way Nigel said "Achilles Tendon"? British people are too funny :)

I will ABSOLUTELY POSITEVILY post tomorrow (maybe tonight? Don't count on it due to my bad behavior). I've got some juicy stuff for ya ;)


PS. I think I'm going to change my background again. Remember when I used to do that every week? Good times...

Monday, July 5

Happy Fifth of July!

Yesterday, I promised I would post that night.

I didn't.

But I had a good reason! My mom wouldn't let me. That's the truth. And here's why...

After I do comments x)

Jade: Thank you! So much! I like your blog too. :)
Daria: Bahaha ;) I knew you'd laugh. I miss you too!! When do you come back here?? We HAVE to hang out ♥
Hannah: Hahaha :) I love that! Thank you! I hope you had a good day too :)
Mizz Ali: Aww! Thank you! I like your's, too. There always so happy :)
Abby: Me too! Did you know that the fear of clowns is called Coulrophobia? Haha :)
Talia: Hahaha :) I'm glad she made you laugh! Thank you so much :)

Back to "And here's why..."

So, yesterday was definitely amazing. It was the

4th of July!

Happy birthday, America!

I had this long post all ready about what this day means to me, but, well, let me just tell you from the beginning.

Yesterday, my family went to church, then we picked up Ryann's friend, then we had a BBQ. Then we went swimming for hours (I'm surprised I didn't get sunburned) and dropped Ryann's friend back home. The four of us sat outside and threw poppers, lit Glowworms (Not actual worms), and lit stuff on fire. Sadly, sparklers are illegal where I live *sigh*.

Then, it got dark out. So we all (with the help of my dad) climbed on our flat roof and watched six different firework's shows (I live in an odd house in a wash that looks like a hill. Yeah, I told you it's weird). We watched that for about an hour and a half.

Then, me and Ryann looked at our neighbor's house, who were throwing a little family party, and they had *gasp* sparklers! I was so jealous. I wanted to call the police on them, but I guess that's not very neighborly. :)

Then we all got out little glow sticks and were popping the last of the poppers from the roof (they are so cool at night).

Then, we went inside, ate key lime pie, and watched Star Wars.

Here's the part I was getting to-

I got tired of watching Star War's, so I was going to go blog to you. But my mom said "No computer! Go to bed."

So I was forced to go to bed.

The End.

That was a long story of my day!

Well, now it's not very special if I tell you all about America's history and how people died for us and why these 234 years have been amazing, because it's not the fourth of July anymore. And I'm pretty sure you know (if you live in the USA) our history, because you go to school. Haha.

I'm going to shut up now. I'm going to post pictures tomorrow :)


Sunday, July 4

(Not So) Short Post

Really short post, I know, I just need to wrap this up real fast! So forgive me if there are a few run-on sentences.

I'm sorry! I don't have enough time for comments! I'll do them tonight. I promise.

I realized the other day that I'm becoming a



Don't get me wrong, I love reading most blogs, whether they post once a month, once a week, or once a day. I just don't like posting once a week! I love keeping you guys posted on what's going on. I think I'm going to go back on my regular schedule- a post every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Oh, and if you ever get tired of my regular posts, bored of me telling you about my life, or/and want to hear my opinion about something, please tell me. I really want your opinions, and it doesn't hurt my feelings at all. I promise.

Friday, me, my mom, dad, and little sister took a daycation (my mom's a big fan of those) to a baseball game, and it was amazing! We went to Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, and had a blast. It's a huge indoor baseball field that sits 40,000 people, and 23,000 people were there yesterday. We got on the megatron :)

Then yesterday, we went to the circus. It was hilarious, and definitely one of the best circus' I've ever been to. And when we were eating lunch, this is how our conversation went.

Me: So, mom, when are we leaving for the circus?
Mom: 5:30.
Me: Why so early?
Mom: So we can watch them unload the animals.
Me: Ooh! I want to ride a tiger!
Dad: I want to ride a zebra!
Ryann (my sister): I want to ride a clown!

I just thought that was the funniest thing. She's only 9.

Well, I have to go. I'll have a longer post tonight about how today's really special :)

Looking back, that was a longer post than I thought!

And that I said "I promise" twice.