Monday, April 5

So much to say, so little time

Hello :)

I have SO much to talk about!
First, sorry its been so long :( Busy busy busy. But, like I said, I have a LOT to talk about, and I'll start off with April Fools Day....

Ok, so this wasn't my best year, but I DID take all my stuffed animals in my closet in the middle of the night and buckled them all up in my mom's car. Then, when she had to go to work that morning, she barely had any room for herself :) Heehee.

Then Easter came, church, Grandma's house, pretty dress, you get the picture. :) I loveee Easter!

Then... school... blah blah blah... friends... blah blah blah... you get THAT picture too!

Aww. I forgot where I was going with this. Oh, well. Now I'll move on to the present!

Tomorrow, at my school, we have a mandatory etiquette dance. It's like this dance that all of the 8th graders have to go to. For six weeks, instead of doing regular sports stuff in PE, we have to learn dances. Yes, dances. Dances like the waltz, swing, two-step, slow dance and various turns and stuff with them. What happens is all the guys in my PE class have to gather around in a circle, and the girls have to stand in front of one, and then my PE teacher says "Girls, move four to your right." So we'll move to the right, and the guy we match up with is our dance partner. Then we have to do the dance of my PE teachers choice, and thats pretty much it. And at the dance, we have to do table manners and eat "properly" and junk. My friends are going to FAIL that section. They cannot go one lunch period without pouring someone's drink into another person's food :) I love you guys!
Anyways, I'm kind of excited for it, ya know? All the girls have to get dressed up, and the guys are forced to look cleaned up, and it's going to be nice! Plus, I just got a pedicure. And I love love LOVE my dress! I'll try to post a picture :)

There! Did that work?
Don't you love it??

I do :)

I also liked these ones...

There was also a pretty pink one, but I couldn't find a picture of that one. Oh, and all of these are credited to Macys, and I am not any of the beautiful models in these pics! Copyrighted! :)
Well, I gotta go now. But I gotta include my Life Lesson of the Week!
Life Lesson of the Week
Hold your head high, and you'll come back stronger than ever.
PS. I'm going to try to update every Thursday, at the least! I'll keep you posted :)

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