Monday, March 8

Horrific Homework

I don't know what to talk about......
I finally finished my awful, horrible homework. Sometimes I hate going to a hard private school.
Hahaha. I'm reading Sparknotes (I have an account there) online right now and I came across an article called "How to Diffuse a Rumor Bomb". It's actually really funny! It talks about the movie The Hurt Locker and how it relates to Middle/High School, advice-wise. My favorite is #2...

#2 Throw yourself on the rumor bomb.
Embrace the rumor. Make friends with it. Own it so completely that people will have to recognize its ridiculousness. People say you make out with the class nerd? Your answer- Heck yeah! His braces don't really bug you. We're going to buy a house together and adopt a pair of hairless cats, Gollum and Yoda, whom we plan to raise as children.

:) That made me laugh. And, I kind of agree! I mean, if someone spreads a rumor about you, you're not going to blush down and try to defend yourself! YOU'LL LOSE EVERY TIME. You should attack! Hearing it come out of your own mouth will end up sounding perfectly ridiculous to the rumor spreaders. You win!

Hmmm... what to do what to do...

OOH! I'm going to make a list, called "25 Things you might not have known about me"
Ready? Here I go...

1. I've grown addicted to blogging and I'm starting to get addicted to Facebook
2. When I was seven, I made a list saying what my goals are for the future, and, at age 14, I still plan to follow that list.
3. One of the things on that list was that someday I'm going to visit all fifty states.
4. Another was to visit all seven continents.
5. I want to be an amazing ballerina by the time I'm 23, and then I want to open my own studio/dance school.
6. My favorite color is orange.
7. I don't like Derrick anymore. Totally over him.
8. If you're wondering who I DO like, haha! I'm not one to spill the beans :)
9. When I was 5, me and one of my bestest friends ever, Lacey, locked Landon in my backyard and fought over who likes him more. Hence the word fought. We literally wrestled.
10. BTW- Landon is my best guy friend. I was only in kindergarten, where your BFF could easily become your BF. I would never, ever have a crush on him now. Nuff said.

OOPS. I gotta go :P Oh well! I'll finish my list tomorrow <3

Maybe :)

Blog ya later!

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