Wednesday, February 24


Ok, so now I'm kind of scared, because I told Annabelle a secret and, well, no offense dearest and lovely Annabelle, but your NOT the best secret keeper!
Oh well. It's not a HUGE secret. It's not even that big of a deal. It would not ruin my life if she spread it. I didn't even TELL her to keep it to herself.
Oh well.
I just HATE this feeling!
Maybe its there because I don't normally share my private life with others, and it feels kind of, I don't know, RELAXING! It feels like a weights been lifted off!
Maybe I should share more stuff that I'm thinking.
Well, not ALL of it.
It is MY mind, after all!

I'm kind of bored now! What should I talk about next? Comment! Ask me questions! ANYTHING! I'm dying to talk to you!! <3

Talk to ya when I have something to talk about! :)

Friday, February 19



It's Tiff!

I'm sooo confused right now.

Why are guys so weird?

K, so I'm texting Ethan, and he is funny in a weird way (or should that be weird in a funny way?). But he keeps calling me, and it's like 10:30 at night, and I can't answer, cuz my mom would keep nagging me about him, so I text him instead, so now he calls me his meanie BFF, and I just laughed, but now he thinks I don't wanna talk to him!

Which I kinda do, and kinda don't.

But I don't want him to know that!

But THEN my heart fluttered around cuz he texted me back "yer mean :P Haha jk i Love ya even tho u hate me"

He loves me! (as a friend, duh!) Like a brother in Christ! I love that :) That made my day. And I texted him back "I don't hate you! I love you too!" And he told me (ironically) that that made HIS day <3 <3 <3

Gosh, I sound desperate. It's ETHAN, Tiff! Don't fall for him!!

But he looks sooooo cute in those jeans <3


But I'll tell you who I do have my eye on...

K, his name is Derrick, and he is ADORABLE. And funny. And I love him in jeans.

I love any guy in jeans ;) (but not skinny jeans. gross)

AND, Delilah told me that he said that if he could have any girl as his gf, he'd choose me <3 <3 <3

That makes me feel amazing.

Look at me, I'm a softie now! Haha

K, Isabella! I told you who I like. Happy?

Well I gotta go, but wish me luck!

Maybe I'll understand someday...


OH! BTW- Sorry about the last post! I made an error- "Cody" Is supposed to be Landon. All these names confuse me! :)

Monday, February 8

Vent TIme!

Hey- I gotta hurry up. Don't laugh, but it's almost my bed time!

OK. You know that saying you learn something new every day?

Well, oh ho ho, I learned TWO new things today.

And they're not very lovely.

Oh, gross! Not like THAT!

I mean, don't tell anyone, but one of the things I learned today was that Hunter and Mindy have MADE OUT.

Yeah. Let that soak in.

Surprise! Why wouldn't she tell me??? Apparantly everyone else knows! You know how embarrasing that is to be the last one to know something??

Well, now that I've vented about that, my SECOND thing I've learned today is, well, I kinda maybe sorta took a peek at Trinity's flashdrive, and found some weird stalkerish stuff.

Like pictures.

And stories.

And advice.


YES! My best guy friend! She is officially OBSESSED with him! She has pictures of him that even I don't have! Stories she created about happy love story endings with him! Advice on how to talk to him!


Sorry for all the capital letters. I needed to vent.

Well, I gotta go, but thanks for listening.


PS A lot of people have been asking who I like. Andddd I likeee...

HAHA. Like I'm gonna tell you!