Wednesday, January 4

ALMOST wrote 2011...

happy 2012 ♥
I hope you guys had wonderful Christmases! or Chanukkahs, or Kwanzas or whatever :)
My life's been pretty normal... I went to Texas to visit my grandparents and cousins for Christmas...
OOH! I bought a dress for winter formal!!

i'll try to take a picture. actually pictures, because I bought two. One's just black with some ruffles on the skirt part and it's really pretty, but it might be too plain. I got it at American Eagle and I will look really underdressed compared to all the other girls unless I wear a lot of jewelry and some rockin' heels. The other one is total party girl dress that's strapless and is black with silver ruffle things on the whole dress, but... I don't know. What should I dooooooo. Teenage girl problems :P

The only other exciting thing in my life is that I turned sixteen on Dec. 10! Yay driving... except I got my permit late so I can't get my license until Jan. 22, but that's not too bad!

Yeah. So.