Sunday, March 28

Spring Break!


I'm back :)

Sorry it's been a while. Busy, busy life.

I don't really know what to talk about... so I guess I'll just talk about my week. It IS Spring break, ya know.

On Saturday, me, Lacy and Meledy went to a dance recital at my high school that I'm going to next year, and it was amazing! There were studios that performed from all over my city, including the dance team at the high school, and my favorite was the hip-hop from Spark's Kids Studio (changed name, if you're wondering). They were amazing! I'm not really a hip-hop person, since I've been trained in ballet all my life to keep posture, grace and strength, but this studio made me want to join hip-hop. I've never seen it like this before, and they're only like eleven years old! There was another high school hip-hop team that was also reallllly good. I'm so jealous.

Then on Sunday, me and my family went to the Renaissance festival, and that was a lot of fun! Me, my sister and my mom usually go with Landon, his sister and and their mom, but this year it was just the four of us. I have never, in my years of attending the festival, seen so many costumes. I swear, just about EVERYONE wore a costume. Well, except for my family, haha. But that was a lot of fun! I love the food and shows and rides. :)

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were just relaxing days, mainly. Yesterday, me and my sister and my mom and Meledy and her brother and their mom were supposed to go to the wash to play in it, because it's filled with water from the rain, and sometimes you can find pieces of gold in it, but it was really windy and cold out and my hopes were ruined :( Wow that was a realllly long sentence! Sorry. But me and my sister just spent the day at their house instead. Oh well!

In a little while, I'm going over to Serena's house to work on a project for science. I think learning about cells is really NOT fun, but doing a video project is! Savannah's gonna be there too, and I'm pretty excited. I havn't had a sleepover in a while... if you can tell :)

Well, I gotta go pack my stuff! Oooh- before I go, I'm going to share with you a new segment of my blog called "Life Lesson of the Week/Day", based on what I'm going through.

Life Lesson of the Week/Day
Guard your heart, because if you are set up for something and it disappears, you will be let down greatly.

Sounds kind of like a fortune cookie, huh? Well it's ALL MINE. Maybe I should run a Chinese food emporiem someday and make my own fortune cookies :) Hope you liked it!

Blog to ya later,

PS. Happy April Fools Day! I hope you pranked someone today. I'll tell you about my pranks later :)

Wednesday, March 17

Copy cat

Hey ya'll!
Just sitting here, spontaneously in a writing mood :) Just like my friend Annabelle/Serena. Haha. Sorry! These names get confusing... OK from now on she is SERENA
I guess I should post my story that I've been working on...
I'm not done yet! I'll post it when I feel like it's a real cliffhanger :) So for now, I shall make up a story, just like Serena did!
OH! One more thing! Thank you Serena for my doughnut this morning! It was verrrry delicious and verrrry thoughtful
And another thing, this is a kind of a true story. Kind of not. Just about my day! :)

Wednesday, March 17
Tiffany walked down the long, blue tiled hallway with a wrinkly dollar bill in hand. All the scattered seventh and sixth graders trampled back and forth, ruining the flow of traffic. "Whoa!" Tiffany slammed up against the wall, almost being run over by three sixth grade girls singing Selena Gomez's "Naturally". Tiffany rolled her blue eyes and continued to the end of the hall. She made a left turn toward the vending machines and sighed at all of the visiting basketball team guys waiting in a long line to get a candy bar.
"And then she said, 'It's like Oxyclean!' and we bursted out laughing," Tiffany heard her friend Josie giggle to Mindy. Tiffany smiled and jogged over to them. "Hey, Tiff!" Josie smiled and gave her a quick sidehug. She brushed her blonde-brown bangs aside and pulled her Blackberry out of her pocket. "Hello! Oh, hey mom..... ya.... k.... im coming...." She hung up and grabbed her blue and brown Jansport backpack. "I gotta go" She gave Mindy a hug. "Later!" Tiffany and Mindy waved goodbye.
"What am I even doing here?" Mindy said. "I don't even have any money with me." Tiffany waved the dollar in front of her face and moved up in line. Mindy asked. "Split some Ruffles with me?" She lowered her head and gave a big toothy smile. "Haha fine" They moved up in line, and finally reached the huge glass machine. Tiffany inserted the dollar and presse A6. The dollar spit inself back out. Tiffany knit her dark eyebrows together in frustration and shoved the dollar back in the small slot. It shot back out. "Here, let me try." Mindy grabbed the dollar and rubbed it up and down the edge of the machine. She slid it back in the slot and pressed A6 again. The game-like claw moved up to the top and grabbed the Ruffles, letting them fall to the bottom.
"Yay!" Tiffany punched the air in excitement while Mindy grabbed the bag, giggling. "Finally!" The two girls started walking, snacking, and sharing inside jokes while they walked down the empty hallway. Click clack, click clack. Tiffany turned her head to the janitors closet and saw Cody wheeling out a garbage can. Out of instinct, Tiffany tucked a blonde grown out side-bang behind her ear, then flipped it back to where it was before.
"Hey, Cody!" Mindy said cheerfully giving him a hug. Tiffany didn't move. "Detention again?" Mindy asked. He nodded and rolled his eyes. "Too many tardies. But it wasn't even a good reason to give me them." He kind of chuckled. Cody glanced at Tiffany and quickly looked away. Her heart pumped a little faster.
"Cody! I need you over here!" The custodian, Mr. Masper, yelled from the other hall.
"See ya," He said, playfully rolling the trash can over Mindy's toe. Mindy waved goodbye and continued back to their previous conversation. Tiffany half smiled and walked outside with Mindy, pretending that nothing ever happened.
"Come on! Lets go see the basketball game." Mindy grabbed Tiffany's wrist and dragged her outside toward the seperate gym. Tiffany grinned and wiped away the bad thoughts from her head. She knew that watching a victory game against a different school would lift her mood. Plus, it was the guys A-team game...

Please comment! Make suggestions! I appreciate your input :)

Tuesday, March 9

25 Plus Two

OK! I'm back!

Sorry it's been so long :( My bad! I'll get back in the habit soon

Lemme finish my list real quick...

11. If you want to be slapped, cuss in front of me. I absolutely hate it when people cuss.

12. Latest obsession= strawberry fruit popsicles. YUM

13. My favorite animal is a koala

14. I'm listening- no, being FORCED to listen- to Poker Face. It's my little sisters fave song :P She plays it like, nine times a day and belts it out in her squeaky little voice (hehe)

15. I L-O-V-E dark chocolate and chocolate filled with real cacoa. It usually makes others puke, but it makes me smile.

16. I also L-O-V-E my friends. ALL OF THEM. They fill me with joy and laughter every day :)

17. I always claim to hate inside jokes, but somehow, when they're between me and another friend, I crack up and going on with other inside jokes :) Imma hypocrite!

18. I just saw a UFO outside my house. Yup. Well, maybe not. But its glowing right ab0ve the mountain! I promise!!

19. I am going au naturale for the next week. No, not naked! I mean, no lip gloss nor makeup for a week. It's just me and Burts Bees.

20. My extreme phobia is needles and sharp objects. I have trouble with just holding a pair of scissors, it's that bad. :'(

21. Did I say 25 things you might've not known about me, or 20? Oh well, I'm gonna do 25 anyways.

22. My dad just told me that the UFO I saw was just a search helicopter :/ No fun!

23. I'm not a big music freak like most of America. I only own a little, original iPod shuffle, with like, 50 songs on it at the most, and they're kind of odd songs, but I like them, and that's all that matters! There are artists like Goo Goo Dolls, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillait (I dont know if I spelled that right), two Beyonce songs, Linkin Park, some soft rock bands, Christian rock bands, and I think that's all... :) My songs!!

24. I was born in Roswell, New Mexico, but I don't live there anymore. I live in a state close by, though!

25. I'm kind of a grammar nerd. I tend to correct people with bad grammar, and I hate it when people text l!k3 Th!s or lik ths. Sometimes I have bad grammar, though, like I'll say "badly" and say weird statements like "I'm gonna slap you so hard you'll wake up unconsious!". Oh well! I'm not perfect.

Sorry. I HAVE to do one more!

26. I'm a little shy :) Branching out myself is a hard thing to do for me. I'm also, as my friends and family call me, a "peacemaker". I hate debates and arguments. They stress me out, which I am not often, luckily!

SORRY! Last one! Promise!

27. I have taken several self training courses, so I can defend myself through anything! No one knows what stalker/creepers are out there :/

On a happier note, I went shopping today! I bought some adorable clothes :) I'd post pics, but my camera died :( Sorry! Oh well...

Got to go! Blog to ya later!


Monday, March 8

Horrific Homework

I don't know what to talk about......
I finally finished my awful, horrible homework. Sometimes I hate going to a hard private school.
Hahaha. I'm reading Sparknotes (I have an account there) online right now and I came across an article called "How to Diffuse a Rumor Bomb". It's actually really funny! It talks about the movie The Hurt Locker and how it relates to Middle/High School, advice-wise. My favorite is #2...

#2 Throw yourself on the rumor bomb.
Embrace the rumor. Make friends with it. Own it so completely that people will have to recognize its ridiculousness. People say you make out with the class nerd? Your answer- Heck yeah! His braces don't really bug you. We're going to buy a house together and adopt a pair of hairless cats, Gollum and Yoda, whom we plan to raise as children.

:) That made me laugh. And, I kind of agree! I mean, if someone spreads a rumor about you, you're not going to blush down and try to defend yourself! YOU'LL LOSE EVERY TIME. You should attack! Hearing it come out of your own mouth will end up sounding perfectly ridiculous to the rumor spreaders. You win!

Hmmm... what to do what to do...

OOH! I'm going to make a list, called "25 Things you might not have known about me"
Ready? Here I go...

1. I've grown addicted to blogging and I'm starting to get addicted to Facebook
2. When I was seven, I made a list saying what my goals are for the future, and, at age 14, I still plan to follow that list.
3. One of the things on that list was that someday I'm going to visit all fifty states.
4. Another was to visit all seven continents.
5. I want to be an amazing ballerina by the time I'm 23, and then I want to open my own studio/dance school.
6. My favorite color is orange.
7. I don't like Derrick anymore. Totally over him.
8. If you're wondering who I DO like, haha! I'm not one to spill the beans :)
9. When I was 5, me and one of my bestest friends ever, Lacey, locked Landon in my backyard and fought over who likes him more. Hence the word fought. We literally wrestled.
10. BTW- Landon is my best guy friend. I was only in kindergarten, where your BFF could easily become your BF. I would never, ever have a crush on him now. Nuff said.

OOPS. I gotta go :P Oh well! I'll finish my list tomorrow <3

Maybe :)

Blog ya later!

Friday, March 5


Hi again!

Today, I'm bored outta my mind, so I logged onto, when I realized...


Ahh! I can't believe I forgot! How embarrassing!

Well, I guess I'll just begin!


Ok, so the first day was purely travel. We took a bus up to, well I kinda don't wanna tell you where I live in case your a stalker, so lets just say an AIRPORT. Then, we took a realllllllly long flight to Atlanta, Georgia (I guess now you kind of have an idea where I live now haha since I said long flight!), and that was really fun because first I got stuck inbetween Ethan and Danny (we had to sit in alphabetical order) and that was fun but annoying in a funny way, and when the seatbelt sign went off, all 50 something eighth graders (yeah, I go to a small school!) got up and moved to their friends! I got to hang out with Annabelle, Ivy and Sophia and read magazines and talk and take pics and that was pretty fun!

Then the plane landed in Atlanta and we switched planes to go to Richmond, Virginia. I got the window seat, while Danny got the middle, and luckily Ivy got the other side of him, and for like 2 hours, me and Ivy were cracking up at EVERYTHING Danny said! I think we were high or something, because half of what he said wasn't even worth laughing about, but we didn't move around, even when we landed and got stuck on the runway in a patch of ice for another hour :)


THEN, we got off the plane (note- it's like one in the morning), and figured out that half of our luggage was still on the plane, so we waited ANOTHER HOUR AND A HALF in the empty airport for the cranky workers to get our stuff off the plane, so in the meen time we played on the escalator, slid around on the slippery tile, listened to iPod's, etc. FINALLY they got our luggage, and we all got into another bus, but we were all so excited about the snow that it took the teachers another half an hour to wrangle us all up from snowball fights (note- it doesn't snow where I live). So we rode the bus to our hotel and all the room captains (me :P) had to sign everyone in, get the room key, and make everyone in our room go to sleep and wake up on time (note- THAT WAS THE MOST DIFFICULT CHORE ON THIS TRIP.). I had Annabelle, Carrie and Savannah in my room (lucky us! no one had teachers in their rooms. i'm amazed at how much they trusted us!). Every night, we would take pics, make videos, laugh, gossip, talk about boys, and slap each other :) remember, guys?

OMYGOSH now I'm tired of writing! I'll summarize the next week for you realllllly short.


Visit memorials blah blah blah... Monticello blah blah blah... war zones blah blah blah... farms and Amish blah blah blah... LOTS of rock candy blah blah blah (haha!)... white house and supreme court stuff blah blah blah...

You probably don't care about the history, do ya?

If you do, check out Annabelles blog at because she has a list of what we did!

Moving on to the best part...


OBV the best. Times square, wandering around the Big Apple, seeing Wicked (!!!), shopping, you get the point!

Ok, so when we got there, the bus first dropped us off at Huntington Park, which is a little grassy area that overlooks NYC and it's AMAZING!! Everyone was so excited! We were all jumping around and taking pics and stuff :) fun fun fun!
Then we drove to our hotel for a REALLY REALLY REALLY quick change! I'm serious. We had literally nine minutes to change from our jeans and bad hair to our gorgeous dresses and touch up makeup and hair in our new, beautiful, personally my fave hotel, because we were on the eigth floor of like a bajillion floors (in the past hotels we were on the first :P) and at the very end of the hallway, so our room was a little bigger then the others, so Sophia came in our room to get ready, too. Everyone's dresses were amazing!! I'll try to post a picture...

I hope that worked.
Try to guess me!
Cuz I'll never tell you who I am :)
We rode the bus to Planet Hollywood, a retro restruant with average food and amazing decor! Then we went to Wicked and lemme just say IT WAS AMAZING!!
I loved it!
Then we got to talk to the cast and take pics! Then we went to Times Square and took amazing pics at night! It was beautiful :)
Then we stayed in New York for another day, went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, then came home.
:( and :)
I had an amazing time. It was a week I will never, ever forget :)
Well, I have to go now, but I'll blog to you later!
PS Friends in the picture- if you don't want your picture on the web, then comment and I'll remove it! :)

Thursday, March 4

Today's progress...


That was almost really bad :/

But its ok. It's all over now.

I don't really want to talk about that right now, so I'll tell another story!

Today, after school, my mom had to go to a meeting, so I hung out with Mindy and Hunter and some wannabee sixth grader who kept following us around.

Oh, and Delilah too, but she didn't stay for long.

So I was keeping my eye on Hunter and Mindy, not to be stalkerish or anything ;)
And I thought it was really cute!

They sat next to each other, threw flowers into a little water fall-fountain thing outside together, laughed together, and Hunter even got a long stick that Delilah entwined in Mindy's hair out. That made me laugh :)

Plus, we all got in trouble for throwing petals and leaves into the fountain, and Hunter finished it off by sticking the stick that was stuck in Mindy's hair into the little opening where water comes out :D

OH! News flash! Today I had a hard audition for a part in the dance recital coming up soon, and I'm VERY proud to say that I nailed it!! But now I have a blister on my toe and it's HIDEOUS :(

Oh well. True dancers can endure it!

Talk to ya later!


PS Leave comments! Ask questions! I'm up for anything!

PPS Do you like my new layout? I changed it just for you :)

Monday, March 1

Love, Like, which to use????

Hey there, once again!
Me and Annabelle were talking yesterday at our sleepover, and we decided that love is a word we use WAY too often.

Yes. I LOVE my parents.

I LOVE my dog and kitties.

I LOVE my really close friends.

I might even LOVE my obnoxious sister.

But we can't use love for everything and everyone!

I LIKE telivision.

I LIKE my phone.

I LIKE shopping.

I LIKE Aiden (not like-like: just respect!).

But I don't love them!

So, in conclusion, Annabelle and I (oooh, correct grammar!) created a new word for in the middle of like and love, because you can't say you don't love your not-as-close friends or your favorite color!

So we invented LIKOVE.

Likove is the word in the middle of "like" and "love".

I LIKOVE Derrick.

I LIKOVE chocolate.

I LIKOVE writing.

I LIKOVE blogging.


Clever, no?

:) Comment if you like it!

Got to go now- blog to ya later!