Thursday, March 4

Today's progress...


That was almost really bad :/

But its ok. It's all over now.

I don't really want to talk about that right now, so I'll tell another story!

Today, after school, my mom had to go to a meeting, so I hung out with Mindy and Hunter and some wannabee sixth grader who kept following us around.

Oh, and Delilah too, but she didn't stay for long.

So I was keeping my eye on Hunter and Mindy, not to be stalkerish or anything ;)
And I thought it was really cute!

They sat next to each other, threw flowers into a little water fall-fountain thing outside together, laughed together, and Hunter even got a long stick that Delilah entwined in Mindy's hair out. That made me laugh :)

Plus, we all got in trouble for throwing petals and leaves into the fountain, and Hunter finished it off by sticking the stick that was stuck in Mindy's hair into the little opening where water comes out :D

OH! News flash! Today I had a hard audition for a part in the dance recital coming up soon, and I'm VERY proud to say that I nailed it!! But now I have a blister on my toe and it's HIDEOUS :(

Oh well. True dancers can endure it!

Talk to ya later!


PS Leave comments! Ask questions! I'm up for anything!

PPS Do you like my new layout? I changed it just for you :)

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  1. heyyy!
    congrats on ur audition!
    hope it turns out well =)
    love ya!