Friday, May 28

I'm back! And still fried...

Today my mom took me to Kohls to try on some clothes, and they kept hitting my red shoulders, and it didn't feel good at all. But I still got some cute clothes!! I got

a pair of sandals,

a tank top (it looks better on than in the picture),

a pair of sunglasses,

three pairs of Soffe's,

and two headbands.

Yay! I needed to go shopping for some new things.

Soo... the party was sooooo much fun! Both parties- Delilah's party and the waterpark. At Delilah's, we swam pretty much the whole time, and sat in the hot tub. Me and Serena, Mindy, Camille, 'Nisa, Delilah (duh), Cody, Cameron, Noah, and some kid related to Cody were there. Camille and 'Nisa just kind of sat around though and didn't get in the pool until the very end. It was really fun, and a few inside jokes were created there ;)

Then at the waterpark, we had an amazing time! Me and Serena and Savanna drove together there and went to Keva Juice before we left. We blasted songs in Serena's car and sang along until we got there. Then we played in the water slides, the wave pool, annoyed the lifeguards, and swam in the lazy river together. And me, Serena, Camille, Mindy, Evan, Cody (ahh!), Cameron, Noah, and Aaron (I think) hung out in the lazy river until the park closed. It was amazing. And tonight I'm going to another party! I don't think they stop... I'm excited for ANY party, though. :)

Well, I'm going to go get ready!

Life Lesson of the Day
Stay out of the sun unless you have a gallon of sunscreen on.


Thursday, May 27


Heyy :)

Short blog, I know. I'm just EXAUSTED. All day today, my class of 2014 (there's about 75 of us) went to a waterpark two hours away. It was soooo much fun, and I got to hang out with all my friends (and my crush ;) )

Oh well. I'll live.

On the bright side, today was my first day of summer!!! It was lovely, even though I spent it with my class, who I've seen everyday for the past year pretty much. They're all amazing, though.

I'm going to go ice myself. More on Sunday! Or tomorrow. We'll see what happens.


Tuesday, May 25



First blog on Tuesday for my new schedule!!
How are you?

Happy almost summer!! One more day of finals, and I'm FREEEE!! Then I'm an official 9th grader!

Yikes :/

I think it's gonna be really fun, to meet new people and reunite with my old friends. I'm going to miss all of my school friends, though. SOOOO much. I'm not even going to start talking about all our memories, because I'm going to cry.
Aww, what the heck! I'll share away ;)

These are my friends. Yes, they're crazy, and wacky, and silly, and funny, and beautiful, and amazing, and I love them.

Here's Ivy, Savanna, Carrie, Sophia, Trinity, and me. Playing piggyback.

More friends :)

We were planning on catching her when she fell back, but that didn't work out so well... Just kidding. We caught her ;)

The cake that Serena made for all of us :) Isn't it lovely?

There are SOOO many memories we all have together. Inside jokes, school trips, lunches, tears, laughter, venting, sleepovers, gossip, camps, and SOOO much more. I can't believe I'm not going to be seeing them everyday :'( But it's not like I'm moving across the country. I'll be able to visit a lot, and shadow them sometimes, and visit, and we can still be close. It won't be the same, though :'''(

Have a great day, okay? I promise I will :)

Life Lesson of the Day
Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold.

Forever and ever and ever,

Sunday, May 23

VICTORY. And hoarders.


The dance recital rocked :)

Thanks for your comments and encouragements- you guys are amazing!

Well, my sister videotaped everything, and I watched it, and it wasn't half bad, which is kind of weird, because the rehersal STUNK (to use polite language). But, the actual show turned out fine, and I had fun. That's all that matters, right?


I tried to take off all the makeup last night, but I was so exausted, I just fell asleep. When I woke up this morning, I looked like a raccoon.

Haha. Oh, Ellen.
Serena told me it looked fine, but I still think I look like that ;)

Right now I'm watching Hoarders. Have you ever seen that show? It's kind of scary, what these people's houses look like. It's about people with OCD who have this urge to buy everything and anything and never throwing anything away. Their houses are covered in stuff. Just stuff. Everything from books, to laundry baskets, to mittens, to hairspray, to boxes, to lamps, to paint cans, and everything in between.

See? Ughhh. They make me want to go clean my room. And spray a gallon on Febreze around my house. And tape sponges to my feet and glide around the kitchen. Wouldn't that be fun?? I wish I had an ice skating rink where I live... or at least be able to work at Sonic.

Mmmm... Sonic!

I'm going to go grab something to eat. Talk to ya Thursday!!

OH! That reminds me! Since it's almost summer (ahh!), I'm going to be able to blog a lot more. Probably on Tuesdays, from now on with my original schedule. I am going to have a couple vacations over the summer too, so be prepared to see nothing new from me for a week from time to time. You wanna hear where I'm going and doing?? I'm so excited :D

June 7-10: Teacher-in-Training Camp for my dance studio. I get to teach the little girls the whole summer after this workshop!

June 9, 16, 23, 30: Stretching and Conditioning workshop for an hour and a half everyday

June 28-July 1: Pointe Workshop for three hours every day

July 5-12: Me and my sister are going to Texas to visit grandparents!

July 19-23: Camp in NM!! BEST CAMP EVERRR

So... that's pretty much it for now...

Whatever happened to my Sonic?

OK! I'm going now!! Haha

Life Lesson of the Day
Sometimes the smallest people/things can change you.


Saturday, May 22

Dance, dance, dance

Hello! I'm sooo sorry I couldn't post on Thursday- you have NO idea how busy I've been.

Here's my schedule for the next week or so-

Today/Saturday: Dance recital!! Serena's coming :) Rehersal alllll day. I have to get ready right after I finish this blog, actually...

Sunday: Church; BBQ with Melanie's fam.

Monday: Finals.

Tuesday: Finals.

Wednesday: Finals. AND GRADUATION!! No more middle school. :) and :(. And a parttayy!!

Thursday: Another parrrtayyy!! At a waterpark with my class of 2014

Friday: I guess this is my first real day of summer...
I'M SOOOO EXCITED FOR TONIGHT!! Last night's performances went reallllly well. It's on Youtube, under "Lauren Modern Dance 2010", thanks to my dance teacher.

Tonights going to be amazing.

Sorry this blog isn't, though. It's probably really boring for you, huh?

Tomorrow I'll make it up for you. I promise. Pinky swear.

Well, I gotta go get ready now :/ I'm nervous!! OOH. But before I go, I'll try to find some pics of my costumes for tonight!! One second...

AHA! I found my pointe costume! Doesn't it look pretty in the picture? Well, in real life, it looks like someone stuffed me in a blue bag and threw feathers on me. So I totally re-sewed it, and now it looks a little better, but NOT like the pic. :/ Life goes on...

Ahh okay now I REALLY need to go!! Byeee :)

Wish me luck for tonight!!

Endless love,


Sunday, May 16

Papaya... no, not the fruit

Sunday Sunday Sunday...

Just another Sunday.

A lots been on my mind lately.

First off, I just want to say thanks to all you bloggers out there who read my blog and write your own blogs. You mean a lot to me!

And for the previous comments...

Serena and Talia ARE alike! That's funny.

You know what's stuck in my head? My third favorite song in the whole wide world- "Someday", by Rob Thomas. You should check out the music video. It made me :)

I'll tell you something else, while I'm at it. My new favorite store is Papaya. I love the clothing style that they have there. In case you havn't seen their clothes yet, I'll show you some pictures of the ones I almost bought. Too bad I'm broke right now :)

Okay, so maybe I wasn't going to buy the last one. Where on earth would I wear that? But isn't it cute?! I would wear that in New York if I could... maybe with these tights?

Hehe. I'm sooo ready for a party :)

Life Lesson of the Day

Nobody can go back and make a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

Well, I'm going to go jump in the pool now. Hope you have a good Sunday!

Endless love,


Thursday, May 13

Quizzy-Poo (Serena :))

Happy Thursday!

I was bored in history today, so I decided to make a mini quiz! And THEN I was browsing through and on the comments, I found a HUMONGOUS quiz/survey-about-you thing. I'll show you both!

Okay, first is my quiz. Sorry if some of them don't make sense- just pick your fave! You can take it if you want! Leave your answers in the comments section.

1. Summer or Winter?

2. Jennifer Lopez or George Lopez?

3. Black or White? (The COLOR. I'm not racist)

4. George Washington or George Washington Carver?

5. Lays or Ruffles?

6. Books or Movies?

7. Kool Aide or Capri Sun?

8. Puppies or Kittens?

9. Future or Past

10. Duct tape or Scotch Tape?

11. Heart or Mind?

12. Pen or Pencil?

13. Dots or Stripes?

14. JB or JB? (Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber)

That's it! Hope ya like it :)
The next quiz I found was extremely long, so I'm going to only gonna do every other question, I think.

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'6

Relationship Status: I don't believe in middle school dating

Religious Views: Christian

Sign: Sagittarius

Shoe Size: 8 and a half

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Song: Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillait

Favorite School Subject: English

Favorite Food: Macaroni and Cheese

Favorite Animal: Koala

Favorite Baby Name: Chloe

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Month: June

Favorite Number: 17

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Coke or Pepsi: Um... EW.

Apple Juice or OJ: OJ

Facebook or MySpace: Facebook!

Windows or Mac: Windows

Rain or Shine: "Come rain come shine..." Do you know that song? Haha sorry- Shine

Chips or Popcorn: Popcorn

Plane or Boat: Plane for fastest, boat for funnest

Movie or Play: Play

Money or Love: Isn't that obvious?? lovvvveee>

Forgiveness or Revenge: I wish I was more forgiving, but if you know me I'm pretty revengful, and not proud :/

House or Apartment: House

Truth or Dare: Truth... I'm a chicken :)

Silver or Gold: Silver

Sunset or Sunrise: Sunrise

Oldest, youngest, middle or only: Oldest

Have any pets? Dog and 2 cats

Have any children? NOT until I'm married

Play an instrument? Bells... or as we like to call it "Mallet Percussion"

Like to cook? Nooo

Sing? In the shower and with my friends!

Dance? Haha good one :) YESSS

Speak Multiple Languages? I wish!

Ski? I wish!

Ice Skate? Yup, but I'm not Michelle Kwan

Swim? Yup! But not on a team. Just for fun.

Paint? Does finger paint count?

Do you like Roller Coasters? YES

Do you sleep with the fan on? Yes, with my little electric one on!

Do you spell well? Sure

Do you ever miss being a little kid? All the time

Do you want to get married? Sure

Have you ever been caught telling a lie? Fourtunately- looking back, I would've gotten in BIG trouble if someone hadn't caught me.

Have you ever been arrested? Yeah right!

Have you ever cheated on a test? Nope

Have you ever failed a class? Almost PE... sad, right?

Have you ever eaten food off the floor? M&M's :)

Have you ever wished you were someone else? Nope

Have you ever cried during a movie? Yes

Have you ever had your heart broken? I think we all have

Have you ever pulled an all nighter? YES

Have you ever lied about your age? Haha yup... but not like I was 21 or anything THAT extreme

What's your biggest mistake? Lets not review that...

What's your dream job? I don't know how to say that I want to be a dancer forever, except to say just that :)

What's your greatest fear? Needles

Where are you right now? In my room

Where would you rather be? In the kitchen

What did you do yesterday? Umm... stalker much?

Are you a good driver? I hope so, when I turn 16

Are you a fast typer? 48 words a minute, baby!

When's the last time you showered? This morning

Do you ever wish you were famous? Nope

Where will you be 12 hours from now? Doing my math homework :P

Can you make yourself cry? I'm not an actress

Is your life simple or complicated? If it was simple, it'd be boring, huh?

Are you taller than 5'4"? Didn't I already answer this?

What color are your socks? I hate socks

Have you laughed until you cried? Yes :)

What were you doing last night at midnight? Jumping off a cliff. What do you think I was doing?!

Have you ever kissed anyone on your friends list? What is THAT supposed to mean?

Are any of your friends mad at you? Lets hope not

Do you get mad easily? Mad? No. Annoyed? Yes. Actually, this quiz is starting to annoy me

What is the longest relationship you've ever been in? Does kindergarten count?

First piercing: Ears

First best friend: Landon

First vacation: Michagin

First concert: Hannah Montana :)

First person you slow danced with: Fake? My dad :) Reals? This kid in my PE class

First movie you saw: Beauty and the Beast

I don't understand...: boys.

Do you like parties? Who doesn't?

I wish...: I had a smoothie.

Have you ever written a song? HAHAHA. I call it "Seperate Ways"

WHEW. That was LONGGGG! And pointless. I'm surprised if your still reading this!! Well, my next blog will be a little more interesting, I hope :)

Life Lesson of the Day
Keep some close, others closer, and others forever in your heart.
Tune in next week, if your not already bored out of your mind :)

Sunday, May 9

Long Book Titles

Happy Mothers Day!!

I hope you gave your mother an amazing day!

I made my mother a very special card, and she absolutely loved it :)

Ughhh. I don't want to go to schooooool tomorrrrroowwwww. I have a book report due tomorrow (I havn't even read a book to do it on), an Algebra test, and, well, it's MONDAY. No one likes Mondays. Don't get me wrong- I love books. I'm re-reading "I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You" by Ally Carter right now. But the book report is supposed to be on a genre that I've never wrote a report on, and I've already done "Alphas" by Lisi Harrison, which is realistic fiction, and so is "Id Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You", I think... or is it mystery? Is spy a genre?? Maybe I WILL write my report on "I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You"!! Can you think of a longer title? Seriously...

Sorry my blogs kind of random today! I don't really know what to talk about...

SORRY! I gotta go. Not a very productive blog, huh?

Life Lesson of the Day
Do your homework on Friday. You'll thank yourself on Sunday.


Wednesday, May 5


Hello, girlies!

Sorry I'm early!! I'm sick :P And my shoulder was KILLING me so I had to let it rest :(

OOH! Did you see my new tab?? I figured out how to do pages! Ok, so I kind of maybe sort of a little accidentely figured it out. But, I'm not a tech wiz, so forgive me, but now I have photos! Thanks to Talia, for the idea :) I posted some photos that I like, and I hope you like them! I'll add more every now and then :D

About my Emma story...

I've extremely busy lately so...

I have close to nothing done.

BUT, I will definitely work on it!! Especially over the summer, because I'm going to have nothing to do all day, so I'll be forced to work on it.

On a different note, thanks to all my new followers, Talia, Beca, and Hannah!! Who new that a couple comments on someone elses blog could make such a difference! (did I spell that right?)

And to Serena: I know I havn't commented much on your blog lately, but I just want to let you know that I love your story, pictures, quotes, and Y-O-U!! But I still don't like Abbie. Well, I'm not really a big fan of anyone right now, haha, but you said I would eventually, and I believe you! I love the plot, and your descriptions, and EVERYTHING!! You are amazing :)

Gotta go eat dinner! More later :)

Life Lesson of The Week
Discipline yourself to be strong. Weaklings will never make it in this world.


Sunday, May 2

Blog Dates!

Yes, yes, it IS NOT Thursday yet, but I decided that that's too long of a wait. I'm changing blog dates, so now I'm posting both Thursday AND Sunday and maybe another day in between! I'll work out a little schedule :)

Anyway, can I just say real quick, that God has blessed me with amazing friends, family, and a heart to love?? <3 <3 <3 I'm sooo thankful for that everyday.

OH... I'm so sorry. I gotta wrap up this blog. My mom's gonna get so mad if she sees I'm still on...

I'll update later!! Promisee!!

BYE! <3 <3