Friday, March 5


Hi again!

Today, I'm bored outta my mind, so I logged onto, when I realized...


Ahh! I can't believe I forgot! How embarrassing!

Well, I guess I'll just begin!


Ok, so the first day was purely travel. We took a bus up to, well I kinda don't wanna tell you where I live in case your a stalker, so lets just say an AIRPORT. Then, we took a realllllllly long flight to Atlanta, Georgia (I guess now you kind of have an idea where I live now haha since I said long flight!), and that was really fun because first I got stuck inbetween Ethan and Danny (we had to sit in alphabetical order) and that was fun but annoying in a funny way, and when the seatbelt sign went off, all 50 something eighth graders (yeah, I go to a small school!) got up and moved to their friends! I got to hang out with Annabelle, Ivy and Sophia and read magazines and talk and take pics and that was pretty fun!

Then the plane landed in Atlanta and we switched planes to go to Richmond, Virginia. I got the window seat, while Danny got the middle, and luckily Ivy got the other side of him, and for like 2 hours, me and Ivy were cracking up at EVERYTHING Danny said! I think we were high or something, because half of what he said wasn't even worth laughing about, but we didn't move around, even when we landed and got stuck on the runway in a patch of ice for another hour :)


THEN, we got off the plane (note- it's like one in the morning), and figured out that half of our luggage was still on the plane, so we waited ANOTHER HOUR AND A HALF in the empty airport for the cranky workers to get our stuff off the plane, so in the meen time we played on the escalator, slid around on the slippery tile, listened to iPod's, etc. FINALLY they got our luggage, and we all got into another bus, but we were all so excited about the snow that it took the teachers another half an hour to wrangle us all up from snowball fights (note- it doesn't snow where I live). So we rode the bus to our hotel and all the room captains (me :P) had to sign everyone in, get the room key, and make everyone in our room go to sleep and wake up on time (note- THAT WAS THE MOST DIFFICULT CHORE ON THIS TRIP.). I had Annabelle, Carrie and Savannah in my room (lucky us! no one had teachers in their rooms. i'm amazed at how much they trusted us!). Every night, we would take pics, make videos, laugh, gossip, talk about boys, and slap each other :) remember, guys?

OMYGOSH now I'm tired of writing! I'll summarize the next week for you realllllly short.


Visit memorials blah blah blah... Monticello blah blah blah... war zones blah blah blah... farms and Amish blah blah blah... LOTS of rock candy blah blah blah (haha!)... white house and supreme court stuff blah blah blah...

You probably don't care about the history, do ya?

If you do, check out Annabelles blog at because she has a list of what we did!

Moving on to the best part...


OBV the best. Times square, wandering around the Big Apple, seeing Wicked (!!!), shopping, you get the point!

Ok, so when we got there, the bus first dropped us off at Huntington Park, which is a little grassy area that overlooks NYC and it's AMAZING!! Everyone was so excited! We were all jumping around and taking pics and stuff :) fun fun fun!
Then we drove to our hotel for a REALLY REALLY REALLY quick change! I'm serious. We had literally nine minutes to change from our jeans and bad hair to our gorgeous dresses and touch up makeup and hair in our new, beautiful, personally my fave hotel, because we were on the eigth floor of like a bajillion floors (in the past hotels we were on the first :P) and at the very end of the hallway, so our room was a little bigger then the others, so Sophia came in our room to get ready, too. Everyone's dresses were amazing!! I'll try to post a picture...

I hope that worked.
Try to guess me!
Cuz I'll never tell you who I am :)
We rode the bus to Planet Hollywood, a retro restruant with average food and amazing decor! Then we went to Wicked and lemme just say IT WAS AMAZING!!
I loved it!
Then we got to talk to the cast and take pics! Then we went to Times Square and took amazing pics at night! It was beautiful :)
Then we stayed in New York for another day, went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, then came home.
:( and :)
I had an amazing time. It was a week I will never, ever forget :)
Well, I have to go now, but I'll blog to you later!
PS Friends in the picture- if you don't want your picture on the web, then comment and I'll remove it! :)

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