Tuesday, March 9

25 Plus Two

OK! I'm back!

Sorry it's been so long :( My bad! I'll get back in the habit soon

Lemme finish my list real quick...

11. If you want to be slapped, cuss in front of me. I absolutely hate it when people cuss.

12. Latest obsession= strawberry fruit popsicles. YUM

13. My favorite animal is a koala

14. I'm listening- no, being FORCED to listen- to Poker Face. It's my little sisters fave song :P She plays it like, nine times a day and belts it out in her squeaky little voice (hehe)

15. I L-O-V-E dark chocolate and chocolate filled with real cacoa. It usually makes others puke, but it makes me smile.

16. I also L-O-V-E my friends. ALL OF THEM. They fill me with joy and laughter every day :)

17. I always claim to hate inside jokes, but somehow, when they're between me and another friend, I crack up and going on with other inside jokes :) Imma hypocrite!

18. I just saw a UFO outside my house. Yup. Well, maybe not. But its glowing right ab0ve the mountain! I promise!!

19. I am going au naturale for the next week. No, not naked! I mean, no lip gloss nor makeup for a week. It's just me and Burts Bees.

20. My extreme phobia is needles and sharp objects. I have trouble with just holding a pair of scissors, it's that bad. :'(

21. Did I say 25 things you might've not known about me, or 20? Oh well, I'm gonna do 25 anyways.

22. My dad just told me that the UFO I saw was just a search helicopter :/ No fun!

23. I'm not a big music freak like most of America. I only own a little, original iPod shuffle, with like, 50 songs on it at the most, and they're kind of odd songs, but I like them, and that's all that matters! There are artists like Goo Goo Dolls, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillait (I dont know if I spelled that right), two Beyonce songs, Linkin Park, some soft rock bands, Christian rock bands, and I think that's all... :) My songs!!

24. I was born in Roswell, New Mexico, but I don't live there anymore. I live in a state close by, though!

25. I'm kind of a grammar nerd. I tend to correct people with bad grammar, and I hate it when people text l!k3 Th!s or lik ths. Sometimes I have bad grammar, though, like I'll say "badly" and say weird statements like "I'm gonna slap you so hard you'll wake up unconsious!". Oh well! I'm not perfect.

Sorry. I HAVE to do one more!

26. I'm a little shy :) Branching out myself is a hard thing to do for me. I'm also, as my friends and family call me, a "peacemaker". I hate debates and arguments. They stress me out, which I am not often, luckily!

SORRY! Last one! Promise!

27. I have taken several self training courses, so I can defend myself through anything! No one knows what stalker/creepers are out there :/

On a happier note, I went shopping today! I bought some adorable clothes :) I'd post pics, but my camera died :( Sorry! Oh well...

Got to go! Blog to ya later!


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