Wednesday, February 24


Ok, so now I'm kind of scared, because I told Annabelle a secret and, well, no offense dearest and lovely Annabelle, but your NOT the best secret keeper!
Oh well. It's not a HUGE secret. It's not even that big of a deal. It would not ruin my life if she spread it. I didn't even TELL her to keep it to herself.
Oh well.
I just HATE this feeling!
Maybe its there because I don't normally share my private life with others, and it feels kind of, I don't know, RELAXING! It feels like a weights been lifted off!
Maybe I should share more stuff that I'm thinking.
Well, not ALL of it.
It is MY mind, after all!

I'm kind of bored now! What should I talk about next? Comment! Ask me questions! ANYTHING! I'm dying to talk to you!! <3

Talk to ya when I have something to talk about! :)


  1. Umm....ouch Tiff....that hurts.....
    I can't believe that you don't think I can keep your secret!!!
    NEWS FLASH!!! Lest you forget, I am your best friend, so OF COURSE I WONT TELL!!!!!!
    Please excuse my major amounts of DUH!!! :)
    Tiff, we have been friends for so long, you dont even need to tell me not to tell anyone, because it is just A GIVEN that I wont tell anyone!!!!
    I cant believe you are so worried!
    So now its my turn to tell you to stop worrying! Usually its the other way around.....heehee.
    So, anyways, even though I am slightly hurt that you dont trust me....i want you to know that your secret is ABSOLUTLY UNCONDITIONALLY NO QUESTION ALWAYS AND FOREVER safe with me.
    My lips are sealed. I swear.
    Love you!!!

  2. I'm sorry! I know :( I didn't mean to hurt you! It's just that... well...
    You've told me other secrets that were OTHER friends secrets, which makes me think that you, well, might not keep mine :(
    I trust you! From now on, i will tell you and not worry about a thing :)
    Love you!!!!