Thursday, July 29

Meaningful Christina


What should I talk about today?

I've been thinking about sharing my thoughts with you like some of you do on your blogs, but I decided not to. I learned it weirds me out to talk about my thoughts.

I feel kind of meaningless lately, thinking about absolutely nothing. Days have been breezing by, and I just live them, with no thought.

Honestly, I don't really like to talk about thinking or my thoughts, because, well, their mine. And it weirds me out, writing down my own thoughts and sharing them.

I love love LOVE reading your blogs and thoughts, but my own? Nah. It makes me uncomfortable.

So, I'm going to share some of Christina Aguilera's thoughts instead. Or, at least the song writer's thoughts.

I've been having a lot of dance rehersals lately for dance team, (don't worry- I'm not going to blab all about dance. You've heard more than enough about it recently from me!) and this week we've been working on a new routine for August 10, which is a freshman pep assembely (sp?).

It's the day before school starts, and it's where all the freshmen come, sit in the gym, get a lecture from the principal, and wander around the school, finding our classes ahead of time so we don't get lost during real school.

I'm actually really excited for it! I get to meet all the new freshmen :)

Anyways, we're going to perform this routine for all the freshmen (ironic, 'cause I am one) and get them all riled up for school.

The routine is to Bobblehead, by Christina Aguilera. It's really upbeat, about how girls act dumb to get guys - actually, I'll just give you the YouTube link right here instead of telling you about it ---->
(NOTE- Three cuss words in the song, you know, just in case)

You have to hear the whole song to get the whole effect. It's really funny :) But it has a meaning, too. I'll give you some of the lyrics. The good ones that I like, not just the "wah, wah, wah wah wah" part.

Girls like you give girls a bad name
Trying to get a boy but you sound so lame
Thinking it's cute to act real dumb
But the jokes on you, you stupid hon

I never play dumb
To get what I want
And always come out the one
That's on top

He, he, ha I don't care what you looking at
Body so skinny but your head's so fat
Talky, talky, talky but you don't say
Got a way with words, you give me laughing fits

Why, oh, why pretend?
I know you got a brain, why don't you use it?
Why, oh, why pretend?
If you so smart, why you act brain dead

See? Kind of funny. And soooo true.

Some (actually, most) girls act so dumb to get boys, which is really stupid. I think we've all done that, at one point, though.

Have you seen that episode of Suite Life On Deck? The one where there is a school dance on the ship, and Cody and Bailey try to find dates to it? If you havn't, Bailey acts really stupid to get this one guy to ask her, and in the end, he's all like "Can't you say anything meaningful? Other than 'Teehee' and flipping your hair?!"

I feel like I'm nine years old again, watching that show. :)

But it's true! It's really dumb to act that way, because I think most of us girls want to appear smart and intelligent, not stupid and "braindead" like a "bobblehead".


Thank you, Christina (or whoever wrote it), for sharing these words to girls everywhere. :)

Lots of love!


PS. I just spent half an hour trying to find a good picture that goes with my post, and I couldn't find a single one. Sorry! :/


  1. Awesome post today. I listened to the song and it's hysterical! I absolutely agree, why can't girls just be themselves when their around guys? That's what guys want, not some stupid 'bobblehead' My brother actually told me, that if you just like the boy tell him. Don't be afraid.

  2. Ahhhhahhaaa, this song is hilarious. thank youu for bringing it into my life:P

  3. Talia: Thank you! That's awesome, that your brother told you that :) I'm glad you agree! ♥

    Rae: :) I think so, too. Your welcome ♥