Monday, July 5

Happy Fifth of July!

Yesterday, I promised I would post that night.

I didn't.

But I had a good reason! My mom wouldn't let me. That's the truth. And here's why...

After I do comments x)

Jade: Thank you! So much! I like your blog too. :)
Daria: Bahaha ;) I knew you'd laugh. I miss you too!! When do you come back here?? We HAVE to hang out ♥
Hannah: Hahaha :) I love that! Thank you! I hope you had a good day too :)
Mizz Ali: Aww! Thank you! I like your's, too. There always so happy :)
Abby: Me too! Did you know that the fear of clowns is called Coulrophobia? Haha :)
Talia: Hahaha :) I'm glad she made you laugh! Thank you so much :)

Back to "And here's why..."

So, yesterday was definitely amazing. It was the

4th of July!

Happy birthday, America!

I had this long post all ready about what this day means to me, but, well, let me just tell you from the beginning.

Yesterday, my family went to church, then we picked up Ryann's friend, then we had a BBQ. Then we went swimming for hours (I'm surprised I didn't get sunburned) and dropped Ryann's friend back home. The four of us sat outside and threw poppers, lit Glowworms (Not actual worms), and lit stuff on fire. Sadly, sparklers are illegal where I live *sigh*.

Then, it got dark out. So we all (with the help of my dad) climbed on our flat roof and watched six different firework's shows (I live in an odd house in a wash that looks like a hill. Yeah, I told you it's weird). We watched that for about an hour and a half.

Then, me and Ryann looked at our neighbor's house, who were throwing a little family party, and they had *gasp* sparklers! I was so jealous. I wanted to call the police on them, but I guess that's not very neighborly. :)

Then we all got out little glow sticks and were popping the last of the poppers from the roof (they are so cool at night).

Then, we went inside, ate key lime pie, and watched Star Wars.

Here's the part I was getting to-

I got tired of watching Star War's, so I was going to go blog to you. But my mom said "No computer! Go to bed."

So I was forced to go to bed.

The End.

That was a long story of my day!

Well, now it's not very special if I tell you all about America's history and how people died for us and why these 234 years have been amazing, because it's not the fourth of July anymore. And I'm pretty sure you know (if you live in the USA) our history, because you go to school. Haha.

I'm going to shut up now. I'm going to post pictures tomorrow :)



  1. Teehee can't wait till tomorrow =) Happy Fifth of July to you too =) Lots of love <333

  2. hi :)

    LOL my mom (who is american) was singing the anthem to us (really badly and out of key) and
    *ME* (south african born, half german, quarter american, quater spanish and one eighth swedish) knew more than her! LOL! (Words I mean!)


  3. That's cool! Thanks, I never knew that. (About the fear of clowns).
    No sparklers??? AGH!
    We had fireworks at our house and a cookout(:

  4. Just found your blog. Its adorable!! :)

  5. You Americans are lucky! The only time I get to see fireworks is on New Year's (which kind of makes up for it I guess, if you went to Sydney...).
    I wouldn't mind learning a bit about American history!