Monday, July 12

Blabbing and Food Chains

Mad at myself again!

One, because I ignored Blaize and changed my background (Sorry, Blaize! Won't change it for a while- hope it loads quickly still!)

And two, because I've been really bad at blogging. You guys are right- it's hard to follow a schedule :/

I'm not going to do comments, because I want to talk! I'm selfish today ;) But thank you so much for your comments! They mean the WORLD to me. ♥

I'm so excited for school.

Not for the actual school/homework/learning stuff, but because I'm going to be a...



Yes, the bottom of the food chain. For the third time, since Kindergarten and 6th grade :P

BUT, I'm going to a different school! A brand new school!

I can start all over!

I can be who I want to be- not shy, or quiet, or the girl who blends in. I know, totally cliche', but it's true.

Yesterday, when I was at church, my pastor gave an amazing message on how Christian's should walk a fine line on being different.

There's all sorts of ways you can be different that I never thought of. For example, you can be not different at all. These people don't want to be different, and they want to blend in with non-Christian's. They want to go to a church that doesn't even feel like a church, but it is technically church. Another example- you can go too far. Like those Christian's who protest on the freeway? I'll show you a picture.

Oooh, just kidding! They're all a little too dirty for my blog :/ But they were talking about how if you support gay pride/abortion/other things like that, you'll go to Hell and God hates you for doing that. Which is stupid, because everyone sins for all different reasons, and God loves everyone, no matter what.

They're both stupid (blending in and protesting). Because that's how Christian's are represented! By other Christian's! And when some of their actions are stupid, it reflects on the rest of us, and that's why Christian's are steryotyped. Which is why my pastor said we need to walk the fine line.

Hey, you read my blog, you get the whole package, me preaching and all :)

I want to walk the fine line! I want to be different in a good way! Now I can, with a new group of kids (well, except for the kids I went to elementary school with, and a few of my recent school mates- haha, school mates! I totally just made that word up.) and a school that has 1,500 kids in it :)

I'm done talking. Are you excited for school to start? I'm just excited for high school.

I already know some of the seniors, juniors and sophmores AND their phone numbers. I am so cool, a little freshman hanging with them ;) But I know them from the dance team.

Did I tell you?? I made the high school dance team!!! A ton of people tried out, and I made it! ME! It feels unreal :) We have practice every Monday and Wednesday from after school-5:30, and we perform at football games, pep rallies, and competitions! There are 12 people on the team, and only two freshman, including me. :P Oh well!

I'm going to go grab some Double Fudge Brownie Ice Cream :) Thanks for listening



  1. You're truly inspiring! Good luck at school (I was in the 9th grade this year) it'll be great! Kinda scary the first day but if you have people you know around you it's no problem!
    Great blog :D

  2. I gave you an award on my blog, take a look :)

  3. I've never understood the whole God hates gays, abortion etc because surely if he DID, would he not come down here and tell us himself? Really like, how lazy would you have to be.. Haha, I jest. But I feel I do nothing wrong unless God comes down and is like "Right, you're taking the piss". Obviously there's stuff I wouldn't do anyway, like murder or drugs.. But otherwise I mean.
    And you can totally listen to T. Swift's "Fifteen" all the time "it's your freshman year and you're gonna be here for the next four years in this town". Have fun!

    I did read your comment on my blog and it made me smile :D I am going away to a place to learn the acient language of Irish for three weeks. What joy! But it's fun :D

  4. thanks for ur comment about my post:)it made me feel so good.
    i'm going to be a Sophomore this year, but i can remember thinking the same exact things, like "Half of the grade won't know me so i can start over fresh and be who i want". It's very exciting to have that second chance, isn't it?
    about the post about me changing, that all happened my Freshman year and some of the year before. i didn't know who i wanted to be at all. it was such a confusing time, but everything's great for the most part now.:)

  5. YOU MADE THE DANCE TEAM?!?!?!?! Tiffany!!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ahhhhh!! That's amazing!!!!!!!
    You totally deserve it!
    Eeeeeep that makes me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have fun in HIGH SCHOOL, Dancing Queeen. But don't forget me :(

  6. I'm going to be a freshman too! My best friend is moving. I have a lot of close friends though, and I'm independent. So I'll be okay.
    I'm always myself, no matter what. I don't care who I'm talking to or where I am.
    Congrats on making it on the dance team!
    I'm excited just to see everyone, and meet all of my new teachers and new people!
    I love that signature!(:

  7. I agree with you with the whole christian-stereo-type thing completely. We have to walk the fine line and I'm glad that your choosing that. =) Your going to be a mega-cool freshman, and congrats on the dance deserve it! And school is not starting for me until a few months. Lots of endless love <3

  8. Freshman! Nice.

    I'm a Sophomore.

    Your post was so random with the high school then church! But I loved it.

    I haven't commented in a long time. How two months? A month?

    And congrats on your dance team!