Thursday, July 8

*Slaps wrist while she ditches blogging*

Short blog again!

I've been breaking my rules already. I thought I could go for at least a week before I broke my Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday streak, but that obviously didn't happen. *slaps wrist shamefully*

Thanks to my 27 followers! Thank you thank you thank you! ♥

Going to go watch So You Think You Can Dance now. I'm sorry, I just HAVE to see if Alex is going to be okay. Did anyone catch the way Nigel said "Achilles Tendon"? British people are too funny :)

I will ABSOLUTELY POSITEVILY post tomorrow (maybe tonight? Don't count on it due to my bad behavior). I've got some juicy stuff for ya ;)


PS. I think I'm going to change my background again. Remember when I used to do that every week? Good times...


  1. congrats on the 27 followers! You *so* deserve it!!!

    LOL i keep trying new backrounds for my blog but none of them ever look as nice as the one I have now!


  2. 27 followers, woah, that gets one a THESE *_* oh yeah. i said it.

  3. Congrats on all of the Ali def deserve them all..and more! I don't watch 'So you think you can dance' but you seem to be a loyal's alright with me if you ditch blogging just this once. And I used to change my background ALL the time too. And I think I still would if I knew how to get rid of the one that blogger gave me but I can't =P Lots of endless love <3

  4. I used to try blogging on certain days, but it ended up not working so I just blog whenever I feel like it now. I can't wait to see the new background!
    Sorry for not commenting lately, things have been kind of crazy.

  5. I used to blog everyday, but I find that too hard now, so I blog when ever I have something I want to share.
    I actually really like your current layout! It loads a lot quicker than some of your past ones.

    xx Blaize.