Tuesday, August 3


Yes. That's right. I'm BUNNYSITTING!

I get the pleasure of bunnysitting Gilbert, Serena's beautiful bunny while she's in NY.

Actually, he has three names. Gilbert, Gilligan, and Vladimir, but I'm the only one who calls him Vladimir.

He is sooooo cute. I finally found my connector cord to my camera, so I can show you pictures of him now!

He tried to hop out, so I stopped him :)

I took the first two yesterday, and ^^^ that one just now. I don't really have a steady hand, so I had to put the camera on my floor and take the pic. Ha.

I really, really wanted to show you pictures of my complete room (!!!!), but I bunnyproofed my room, so everythings a little misplaced and not clean :)

*I realized the other day that I havn't done comments in forever! So I did something new and very common- I replied to your comments in the comments section. So if you want to see my reply to your comment, just look back at the last post and read it. If you don't care about my reply, it doesn't hurt my feelings, so don't read it :)*

OOH. I have something new! If you have your volume on, you'll already know that I added a MixPod! Yay. So don't get freaked out like I do when a song blasts unexpectedly (sp?). And these are all my favorite songs, so if you don't like them, do me a favor and hit "mute". I think they're all pretty common songs, though.

Oh, shoot. Vlad just broke through one of my bunnyproof corner things.

Gotta go fix it!

Later :)


PS. Thank you thank you thank you!! I have 32 FOLLOWERS now! I really, really appreciate it


  1. Haha Gilbert/Gilligan/Vladimir is super duper cute! You must be a really good friend to take care of Serena's bunny. I can't wait to see your brand new room, I bet it looks amazing =) And I love your mixpod! =) Have fun with Gilbert/Gilligan/Vladimir. haha. Endless love <3

  2. Aw this reminds me of when I had my bunny! I miss him! :(
    Awesome-I have my playlist at the bottom of my blog w/ my "top 10 songs at the moment." LOL.

  3. AW! SOOOO cute! I used to have rabbits! I used to have the mixpod thingi but, like you, I got freaked out kinda LOL! And it just took to long for it to load!

  4. Oh my gosh, they are too cute for their own good! I've always wanted a baby bunny, one that's black and white with floppy ears. I really adore brown rabbits, they are probably the cutest of the lot :D

    xx Blaize.

  5. P.S. I’ve tagged you: ♥

  6. OMG so adorable, I've always wanted a bunny ! And my dads name is Vladimir hahah! :)

  7. arggh your so lucky!
    i lovee bunnies. :)

  8. Talia: Awww :) Thank you so much! ♥
    Abby: Aww :( I'm sorry! I used to have a bunny, too. I love your mixpod! :)
    Mizz Ali: Thank you! :) Heehee, glad I'm not the only one!
    Blaize: Aww! Baby floppy eared bunny? Adorable! Thank you for my tag! ♥
    Lily: Hahaha! I love that name :)
    Emily: Heehee :) Thank you! ♥