Saturday, July 24



Thank you soooo much for not ditching. And for all of your extremely sweet comments on my post before I left.
And thank you so so so much,
Serena, for posting for me ♥ ♥ ♥

I feel awful for not posting in exactly 13 days. To me, that feels like an eternity.

So now, I'm going to bore you with a tremendously (sp?) long and juicy post about camp.


Like Serena said, this camp is incredible. I've been going there for three years, but this was the last year I could go for my church.

Yes, church camp!

It's an adventure camp, with stuff like an Alpine Tower (50 ft tall outdoor rock wall), digglers (a mix between a bike, skateboard and scooter), mountain bikes, horses, a waterslide, nice cabins, GOOD food, a rec room, reppeling, a pump track (extreme mountain biking), a rifle range, smaller rock walls, volleyball court, a big gym, mechanical bull, disc golf, and my favorite, The Screamer (A zip line, kind of. Actually, more of a giant swing, where you're held by a harness and a cable 40 ft in the air, then you let go and free fall, swinging back and forth).

And every day, you eat breakfast, sign up for four activities with your friends, go do three, eat lunch, do your fourth activity, do MXC (most extreme challenge) with your team, go to Family Journey with your cabin, eat a themed dinner (dress up for the theme every day), do a group game, go to the sermon and worship, go to bed at eleven, wake up at seven and do it all over again.

It is amazingly, incredibly fun.

MXC is sooo much fun. The camp divides how many people you have into six teams, and you compete other teams in games like shopping cart races, square dancing dance-offs, relay races, and on the last day, a rodeo. This year, the teams were the Duckies, Butterflies, Kittens, Bunnies, Dough Boys, and Poodles. I was on the Poodles. Menacing names, right? :) They had a reason for all the cutesy names, but I forgot it. Haha :)

The dinners are fun, too! This year, the themes were Knight Night, Nascar, and Tribute to your Leaders. For Knight Night, me and Meledy dressed as the court fools in totally mismatching clothing, which was fun. On Nascar Night, I duck taped a 43 on my shirt for a Nascar racer whose name I forgot. I couldn't think of anything else. Then on Tribute to your Leader Night, I dressed up as my pastor, Seth, who's 28, nerdy, and hilarious. Anna and I dressed up in sweater vests, glasses (even though he doesn't wear them), khakis, and for the main thing, we sprayed perfume under our pits for the sweat marks that he always grosses us out by showing us. He was cracking up.

I don't want to bore you with telling you every detail of my week, so I'll just tell you the four most exciting/terrifying things that happened.

1. On the bus ride there (A good, tour bus- not a gross school bus. I would've rather walked instead of riding for eight hours in that thing!), I was lying on an empty seat reading a book with my head against the big window, when all of a sudden I heard a huge crack. I sat up quickly and turned around, and the window was totally and utterly shattered (probably by a bird, we decided). Everyone in the bus' mouth fell open and stared at it, and then we all cracked up. The rest of the bus ride, we were all chanting at the window "Break! Break! Break! Break!" until the pieces of glass fell off. We have no life. :) Here's a pic.

2. On the last day, after worship, we all got our bathing suits on and me, Alexis, Meledy, Kaylee, Sophie, Cody, Hunter, Jordan, and BJ rode the waterslide from 11 pm- 2 am :) Oh, and they lit up the waterslide with tons of glow sticks, so it was pitch black except for a few randow glow sticks and strobe lights in the waterslide. Wet, scary and fun :)

3. On the last day, me, Meledy, and a couple girls from my cabin were going to go ride digglers for one of our activities. The digglers are one of their most dangerous activities to do, because you ride in a truck up a mile and a half on a very rocky dirt trail, then diggle all the way down 30 mph. You lose control very easily. The day before was my first time ever on them (I racked up the courage), and fell and scraped my hip. It was so fun though, and I made it the rest of the way. Then, on this particular day, we decided we wanted to ride them again. So we all drove up in the truck again, grabbed our digglers, and started going down. Right before the very first (and steepest) hill, I was catching up to the person in front of me. I thought to myself, "Huh. I better slow down, so I don't crash into her". I pulled the brake hard. BAD IDEA. The diggler stopped, but I didn't. I flew over the handle bars and fell down the hill. Then Melody, who was behind me, freaked out and swerved around, trying not to hit me. Her diggler fell from under her, and she skidded on her knees the whole way down the hill. My arm was torn up and bloody, and I had to get back in the truck and go the the nurses station :/ She washed out my gash, pulled out the gravel with tweezers, put alcohol in it, put Neosporin on it, gauzed it up, and told me that it was the worst injury they've had all week, and that I was one tough cookie :) That made my tears stop. Then she told me a story about some kid the week before, who had absolutely no pain tolerence and was scratching the wall and screaming over two tiny cuts on his arm. That made me laugh :) It's so weird when I think about it. This was the first real accident I've ever had, and the worst injury I've ever had, and I didn't even get stitches or break anything. I don't get hurt a lot, so this really scared me. Ha... it's pretty grody.

(That's me and my friends right before the incident :) )

4. I forgot. Sorry, haha! I'll try to remember. It probably wasn't even that important :)

Yup. That's camp! I had a blast.

I got back home two days ago, and I couldn't post yesterday because my mom was throwing a spa party. You know that Premier Designs Jewelry thing? Where strange ladies come over to your house and sell jewelry to your friends? It's just like this, but better, because you get an actual spa treatment and get to try everything. It's called BeautiControl, I think, and it was actually really fun! Serena, Lacy and her little cousin, and Meledy came with their parents. We were cracking up because we couldn't understand the lady on the recording for "stress relief relaxation". And because we had to put on this lip cream that made everyone's lips look like we each ate a tub of frosting. And because there was this head massager that looked like giant spider legs that vibrated on our heads, that tickled awfully bad. It was a good night :)

I'm gonna go see Ramona and Beezus now :) :) :) I've been waiting for this!

Talk to you later ♥



  1. Wow this camp sounds so should've put me in your suitcase and we could've gone there together! lolz jk =) I'm so glad you had such a lovely time, you deserve it! Lots of endless love <3

  2. I always wanted to go to camp. :/
    Wow I can't believe the window broke!!!!
    Ugh that sounded painful! I would not have the courage to ride down that big rocky hill! I would for sure die. Lol.

  3. That camp looks so fun! We don't have any camps that exciting where I live. If we did, I would go! The window cracking looks funny, the waterslide at night sounds amazing, and the Digglers looked exciting and scary! I'm glad you had such a blast!