Tuesday, July 20

Tiffany is gone?! SAY WHAT?!?

Hey guys!
Because I'm going to let you in on a secret....
This is not Tiffany.
This is Serena!
If you don't know me, I have a blog too (
Our dear friend Tiff is at camp, so she asked me to do a post for her, letting y'all know that she won't be blogging for a while.
So, that's why I'm here!
To let you know that she didn't blow you off. No, she is out having a ball at this awesome camp, too busy having an awesome time to blog :)
So, I would end this post here, but I want to tell you guys about a certain camp that me and Tiff went to when we were little.
It's not the same camp she is at right now.
The camp I'm going to talk about it....
Dun, dun, dunnnnnn....
Long story short, we hated Girl Scout Camp.
Every night we had either a bonfire or a sing along or something, so we would have to walk back to our cabins. 
Simple, you say. Just take a flashlight.
Because if you turned on the flashlight, bugs would swarm. And I'm not kidding. They would literally swarm.
So, we walked back in the dark.
Our cabin had no glass covering the wondows. Only tarps. So anything could get into your cabin.
The food was worse. 
Canned ham, frozen peas, and stale bread were among the assortment.
And every night we did a "SLEEPING BAG CHECK" to make sure that there were no bugs (spiders!) in our beds. But we couldnt turn on the light, so we had to blindly feel around our beds to make sure they were clean and free of creepy crawlers. 
And one day, a girl named Thalia (not the blogger, a different girl :D ) got Strep throat, and the next day, half our entire bunk had it! And they only gave us cough drops!!!!! We needed prescription medication! And they wouldnt even let us call home!
So, anyways, that camp was terrible. Im advising you to never go.
But the camp Tiffany is at right now, is AMAZING. I've only been to it once. I would have gone this year, but I had to pack for my trip to New York.
I wish I could be at that camp right now, though!!!
Horse back riding, dirt bike riding, rock climbing, costume contests every night, comfy beds, in rooms WITH WINDOWS AND DOORS, good home made meals, a zipline, hiking, etc. etc. That camp was the best.
ARHG. I wish I was there. Well, anyway, I gotta go.
Tiffany is probably gonna be mad that I blabbed on and on about camp on her blog. Sorry, Tiff! Hahaha love ya :)
Anyways, this has been Serena, saying sorry for not being able to blog on behalf of Tiffany.
But she'll be back later! I promise!
Bye guys!


  1. Your real amazing Serena, I loved that story! It was fab =) lots of endless love!

  2. You're hilarious Serena! I went to Girl Scout camp when I was little. It was called the sample and it was 4 nights. I hated it so much I attempted to break my arm by jumping on it...then again, I was 6 so that was unsuccesful.