Tuesday, June 22

Room Redo: Day Six


How are you?

I had a billion things I wanted to talk about on my blog, but I forgot them all, again.
I should really start writing them down.

Right now, I'm typing with one hand because I'm holding my adorable little Persian, Kurby.
You wanna see a picture of him?

So, obviously this isn't him now, since I took this in 2006. He grew into his eyes, and is bigger. But he's still adorable.

I don't know why I told you that.

I don't really know what to talk about now.

I didn't sleep well at all.

OOOH! I remembered!

I'll get to that in just a minute!

Anyways, I went to Landon's house last night so I could have a sleepover with his little sister, and her stupid chihuahua's kept me up ALL NIGHT. Until her dad kicked them outside. Then her mom let them back in. So, the stupid dog's were jumping all over me and playing with each other.

Aww, I forgot to do comments.

Emily: Thank you! So much! That means a lot :)

Francesca: They are pretty amazing! Thank you :)

TheMadTwins: Thanks! :)

Talia: Thank you!! It IS a lot of fun. You'll have a blast :)

S and O: I LOVE that movie! And yeah... it is random, but in a good way, huh? :)

Mizz Ali: Thank you and you're welcome! :)

Abby: Thank you! You too :)

Cassidy: Thanks :)


Ok, so now I was going to post pictures of my room makeover, but my computer's being stupid and won't upload the pictures.

My room used to be like a fucshia (sp?) pink on one wall, then the rest of the walls were white. My room's theme colors were pink, blue and green. I love those colors, but it's time for a change! Now, my room is going to be beach/surfer themed. I got my ideas from these photos coming up...

I really like a specific thing from each room.

I love love LOVE the hammock poster. And the big shelf over the bed.

I like the puppy poster ;)

I love the bedspread and comforter, and the letters (which are supposed to spell your initials)

I LOVE the blue sheer curtains. And the comforter. And just the feel of the room.

I love the day bed, which is just like a bed, but it looks like a couch. It's like a two-for-one :) And I love the lanterns hanging over the bed.

This room's my favorite. I love the comforter and day bed, and the rotating bulliten board, and the "beach" sign in the back. I also LOVE windows, especially these big ones.

I love the feel of this room, too. And the random dog. :)

Ok, so I'm not painting my room these colors. But I just HAD to show you the tree mural in the back! It's adorable.

So, those are the rooms I love. Which one's do you like, if any?

As you can see, I'm on Day Six of my room redo. Here's how the progress went:

Day One: Me and my mom starting planning want I'm going to do.
Day Two: We went to Home Depot and picked out dozens of blues, and later picked one out. It's called "Surfer"- see the color here

Day Three: We moved all the furniture out and deep cleaned my room.
Day Four: Started painting the first wall and half of the second wall.
Day Five: Finished painting second wall and fixed the trim
Day Six: We'll just have to see what we do today!

I'm super excited! It's already changed a lot, but I'm getting new decorations, and moving everything around, the whole package.


OH! I was going to talk about Serena's party, but that would take HOURS, and I need to go run some errands, so if you want to know what happened (pretty interesting!) and see some pics (pretty awesome!), go here.

And thank you, Serena, for your lovely shout out :) It means a lot to me!

Yup! I kind of remembered of what I was going to post before, but I don't have enough time right now to talk about it. I just wrote it down, though, for my next blog :)

So, I'll leave you with an important would-you-rather-eat...

Pistachios or Sunflower Seeds?

Oh, and the reason I could post the pics of the rooms and my cat and not the one's of my room are because I already had those saved on my computer.

I'm not an idiot, I promise! Just not very good with technology.

Oh, and I don't own ANY of those room pictures. Those are one-hundred percent PBTeen's pictures. I'm just an innocent blogger who doesn't want any copyright problems.

I just realized I said "Oh," like, nine times in this blog.



  1. COOL! I loooove all of the rooms! My fave would have to be the first one though.
    Awww cute kitty!
    Good luck with redecorating your room!
    Ugh I hate sunflower seeds and pistachios!
    Hee hee you did say "oh" a lot.

  2. I agree with Abby, the first one was the best :)
    I can't wait to see what your new room looks like!!!!We have to have a sleepover soon!
    Sunflower seeds. definitely sunflower seeds.
    But you already knew that :D
    We must do something together before I leave for Minnesota (which is in about 2 weeks)
    So call me! Or text me.
    Love ya!!

  3. I like the last one ^^,

    Your cat is adorable!

  4. I liked rooms 3 & 5! Can't wait for the pictures. :)

  5. OMG, your cat is SOOOO gorgeouz! Aww! Love him!!! I love ALL of those rooms!

  6. Aw, your cat is adorable. I like the 1st and 3rd rooms!!

    I love your blog, am following. <3

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  8. Soz, I got a little mixed up with the last comment. That is why I deleted it.

    AWESOME ROOMS. ADORABLE CAT! Can you follow my blog? Llamas and Lipstick, cause WOC is stopped. FOLLOW ME, I FOLLOW U. 'Kay. CUTE CAT!

  9. I love the second room, mainly because the bed is blue and has a huge picture of a dog on the wall.
    Do you mind if I steal Kerby? I promise I won't hurt him, and I'd take great care of him.. :P

    xx Blaize.

  10. All of those rooms are absolutely cozy and remind me so much of the beach. I can't wait to see how your room turns out! =) Lots of endless love!