Thursday, June 10



I'm extremely upset.

But before I talk, I'm going to reply to some comments.

Hannah: Thank you for telling me! I didn't know that there was a first one. That makes a LOT more sense. I'll have to read that, too. Sometimes I'm such a blonde. ;)

Talia: Oh, good! I'm not insane! Now it's not even letting me read her blog- is that happening to you too?

Francesca: Same. :( I tried reaching her on too, and it still didn't work, I don't think.

Devin: :) I like it, too! I hope she realizes it's not our fault we can't comment.

S and O: Thank you! I'm a very passionate about dance. :)

Charlotte: I know, huh? The URL is , but it won't even let me go to her blog anymore. Maybe you'll have more luck. PS. Thanks- I'm going to try to update it more! :)

Ok. Back to my blog.

You see, all week long I've been at dance camp. Four hours of camp for me, an hour lunch break with Lacey, Brittany, Amanda, Rachel, and Shaela in the cafe, then four more hours of teaching little bitty cheerleader's how to, well, cheerlead, I guess. Oh, and then Conditioning/Stretching for two hours, but I get to go home for a while before that.

I'm very sore.

Well, today, the cheerleader's parents got to come and watch their children do their routine they learned and some tumbling. It was pretty fun. We showed them how they learned to hula hoop, showed their parents their crafts they made, and of course, their routine they learned.

Ha. They can't do that ;)

I was enjoying it, watching them (they're so cute-they're ages four through eight). Then, while I was cleaning up the mats, I was trying to find my dance bag.

I couldn't find it. ANYWHERE.

We tore up the room, trying to find it somewhere. But no luck. My dance shoes were in there, some tennis balls (don't ask), $4, Burt's Bees lip balm, some bobby pins, tissues, bandaids, a water bottle, and my PHONE.


I've never lost my phone before. It's always right by my side, warming up my pocket. And this time, a parent accidentely took it. Or, I hope it was an accident. My mom is NOT happy. I didn't expect her to be. But now I'm upset.

Then, my dance teacher came into class. Shaela is my summer dance teacher and taught my modern class for the school year, but Marissa is my real dance teacher, and she is amazing. Not just at dance, but her personality. She's 23, so she can bond with us without being, you know, old. And she does bond with us. She's like the older sister I wish I had. She's really pretty, too.

Well, she quit.

Yup. She came into our class, started crying, and said she was quitting.

That made me even more upset.

She said she's not getting paid enough, and she tried talking to the owner of the studio, and she won't give her a raise, so she got another job at a different studio. She LEFT us! For a different studio! They're going to learn all her amazing dance secrets! Grow a bond with them! That makes me the most angry.

THEN, when I got home, I was making a smoothie, and I asked my sister if she could get out the frozen berries. She put them on the hot stove and melted the plastic and half the berries, ruining my smoothie and leaving me to fix the stove.

THEN, I was washing my hands in the kitchen sink, knocked over the soap, and broke a glass cup.

As you can see, today is a definite Murphy's Laws day.

Well, and least it's my half birthday.




  1. You've got a very lovely blog, and I love love LOVE the layout. Flowers :D
    I never talk about my blog out loud, like, I only talk to people about it over the internet.
    Dance camp sounds great, I didn't know there was such a thing!

    xx Blaize.

  2. Hey :)
    Thanks for the sweet comment. :)
    Your blog is so cute, sounds like a tough week though. :(
    I'm following your blog now :P

    (haha I just noticed that I put a smiley face on the end of each sentence :P)

  3. LOVE your blog, it's REALLY cool I LOVE IT! I've been blogging since January! I'm following your blog, cuz it's so gorgeouz! Could you maybe take a look at mine? (

    Loving your layout!

  4. Awe don't worry Tiff, things will get better. You'll find your dance bag, trust me. Things just don't dissapear. And try looking from Marissa's point of you. If she was crying she obviously doesn't want to go, she just needs the money that's all. You can still stay in touch with her. Happy half-birthday =)

  5. Aw that reminds me of something that happened to me last year...I was at cheer camp (ironic similarity). We had just finished and I entered the locker room. I opened my bag to pull out my wallet to get a soda and its not even there. My little brother who rarely does anything nice for me spent $30 to buy that wallet so not only does it have sentimental value, but it also had $20 more bucks in. Along with my stolen wallet was my stolen Coach Plannner which was a gift from my Aunt and cost her $125. So I had kind of pushed this incident to the back of my mind until the other day I figured out who stole it (she sold both of the items on ebay?). The school administrator allerted me of this and I was like YES I CAN GET MYSELF PAY BACK but then he was like oh yeah so since we expelled her (due to some other incident I can't mention) the school can't make her pay you back. I seriously almost wacked him. Happy Half Birthday:)

  6. Sounds like things have been rough.Sorry about your dance teacher; that happened to my soccer coach. Your welcome about the book. Happy half Birthday. Best of luck. =]

  7. Awww, I defnitely know what you mean about having a Murphy's Law day! About 3 weeks ago, I had 2 weeks of pure Murphy's Law straight. You seem like a sweet girl and i love your blog! I'm a christian too and am now following you!

    <3 <3

  8. WOW! Yiu must of been SO depressed! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry I havnt looked at your blog sooner because it is truely amazing! I am soooooo following it!
    Do you think you could follow my blog??
    I promise I will always coment! My blog link is...

    thanx will comment soon

  9. I am sooooooo sorry you're not having a very good week!!! Call me if you want and you can vent!! I hope it gets better, I'll be praying you find your phone. :] I luv you and we should get together and hang out soon :]