Friday, June 18

Birthday Frenzy


Tonight was really fun :)

I'm so tired. I've been thinking so hard of what to say in my blog all day, and I totally blanked about thirty minutes ago. I'm sorry :/ Another lame blogg.

I'm so sleepy I'm doublingg letters.


I'll pull myself together!

First, I want to thank Kylie for my "The Lovely Blog of Randomness Award"! Thank you so much :)

The rules are...
1. Display this award in some way on your blog
2. Name 17 of your favorite random things
-The way my two Persian's fur feels after getting shaved for the summer
-The color turquoise
-Dark chocolate gelato
-Burts Bees
-The cold rush you get after you step out of a warm shower
-The smell of the tire shopp
-Flower arrangements
-Big Time Rush ;)
-Berry smoothies
-The smell of Hollister
-Playing music too loud
-Wishing at 11:11
-Green eyess
-Silly straws
-Getting tickled
3. Award 4 of your favorite random bloggers
I shall award...




See? I figured out how to tag peoplee! I'm so excited :)

Second, I'll respond to some comments:
That-girl: Thanks! Ooooh... spooky! Maybe it IS a coincedincee (sp?)! :)
Snaily: Thank you! I like your blog- I'm now following it :)
Francesca: Thank you! :) My computer is being spazzy lately, too, but thanks for trying! :)
Serena: :( I'm sorry :( People love your blog, too! Don't be jealous
Talia: Thank you!! Haha I admire you, too! :)
Blaize: Thank you! :) :) Haha

Now, I'll talk about Juliet's party!

It was really fun. We all met at Frost (gelato shop) at this really nice, upscale, outdoor mall, and then went to Blanco (mexican restrurant *sp?*) to eat. Everyone was kind of shy during that, but you can't really talk while you eat, I guess. Well, you can, but isn't that rude? Then we went on a patch of (fake) grass and Juliet opened up presents. We all sat on tissue paper because the grasss scratched our legs :)
Then we started the scavenger hunt. It was really fun- we each had a partner, then we had to go around the stores and take pictures of things on our list. A few that I remember are...

Coach- Take a picture of a purse on top of your head.
Sunglass Hut- Take a picture of all the different brands of sunglasses.
Apple Store- Take a video of your partner pretending to be an old person trying to figure out how to work an iPod.
Everything But Water- Take a picture of a cute swimsuit
A Pea in A Pod- Take a picture of a maternity outfit.
AJ's- Take a picture of ketchup packets.
Lucky Jeans- Take a picture of the biggest size of jeans you can find.
Victoria's Secret- Take a picture of a 36DD size bra

I'd post the pictures, but
a. I don't know if my partner wants her picture on the World Wide Web
b. I don't know how to post the pics from my phone

They were pretty fun, though! And you had to dodge the security guards and cashiers, because they don't seem to like it when you run around their classy mall taking pictures. Then we all went to Frost and got gelato. Then all the shops were closing (except for the restruants), so we got locked in Tiffany&Co (ironic!) by a nice security guy named Jared, and so one of my friends asked him why he didn't work at Jared's instead of Tiffany&Co. It was pretty funny :)

Then we ran up the down escalator and vice versa, had races up the elevators, and danced around until our parents picked us up. It was very fun! :D

Did I bore you? I'm sorry. Haha I'm almost done!

GOOD NEWS!! I got my bag back!! And my phone!! Turns out, my other friend's little sister tried to be helpful by picking up a bag to help her mom, and accidentely picked up mine! I was so excited :D She said she was so sorry, and I got it back the other day!! Thanks for your encouraging comments- you were sooo right :)


I don't really understand this. Why does it say "sometimes all it takes is a hug", but just has a picture of shoes? Hmm.

This makes more sense.


I love this movie :)

I don't know why I like pig pictures so much. He's pretty cute, though!

Yup! Hope you enjoyed themm :)
Tomorrow's another busy day, but I'm really excited! I get to help Serena set up for her party :)
I'll blog again tomorrow, probably.
Happy belated birthday's to Serena and Juliet! I love you guys ♥


  1. Wow, i love your idea of your game in the mall, pretty sure i'm going to do that one day it sounds hilariously fun!
    Your blog is Fantastic, loving it more with every post. I'm one a follower! :P

  2. I love those kinds of scavenger hunts! I once did one like that at a birthday party where we all ran around the entire neightborhood taking pictures of random things that were on the list. I'm glad you had fun!
    And I love the photos. :)

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome time! The scavenger hunt looks like it was SOOO much fun and I'm definitely doing that over the summer. Loved the pics also =) Lots love!


  4. hahahaha that clip from that movie is cracking me up! :)
    love the pictures, even that slightly baffling one about hugs, with feet, it's kinda pretty if you excuse the fact that it doesn't really make sense, lol!


  5. Glad you had fun at the party.
    Really aweesome pictures! My faves are the 3rd, 6th, and 12th ones.
    Have a nice day. :)