Tuesday, June 29

I would like to thank...

I'm depressed, but I don't feel depressed. My mind just thinks I am.


My dreams and thoughts have been getting weirder and weirder lately.
Like, last night, I had a dream that me and my sister went to Walmart and filled up a whole cart of Toy Story 3 Macaroni and Cheese.

Yeah. I don't know. Is it something I ate?

I want to go see Toy Story 3 now.

Anyways, today's blog is special.
Wait! Comments!
Abby: Thank you!! I totally understand your hate for both- my whole family likes neither too :)
Serena: I did indeed know that! And YES YOU DO! :)
Ailish: Thank you- he's my perfect kitten :)
Francesca: I'll try to post them up as soon as I can! :)
Mizz Ali: Thank you!! Haha :)
Ace-of-Aoife: Thank you! I like YOUR blog- I'm following :)
Cassidy: Thank you! You followed me, I'm following you :)
Random Rawr: Awesome :) Haha I'm glad you like my kitty :)
Talia: Thank you! :)

Ok- NOW onto my special blog!
The other day, I was just grabbing some groceries and pizza with my mom when I realized, "There are so many people out there who spend every day doing little, but nice things for us."

Yeah, a lot of the time they only do it for money, but still!

I want to acknowledge the people who do these jobs for our convienence.

1. The people who push shopping carts back into the store. Without them, the parking lot would be a mess.

2. The people who check the dirt on the ground before a house is built. If we didn't have them, our houses would sink into the Earth's core.

3. Clowns. They make a fool out of themselves to entertain (and scare) us.

4. Tennis judges. Who wants to sit out there in the hot sun and say, "Fifteen, Love." and "Deuce" for five hours? Only if you have a deep love of watching (not playing) tennis.

5. The people who invent video games. Without them, a lot of people would be healthier and not brain dead. But, they do have amazing skills and graphic art training. Who else can fit an entire Mario game on an itty bitty disk?

6. The people who write out instructions for weird things, like how to work a jump rope and how to install a safety child's seat in the car.

7. The people who invent the weirdest things, like the Alarm Fork (times you between bites so you don't eat too fast), Putt'n'Reel (lets you putt, then use the fishing-line feature to reel in your golf ball), and Beerbrella (keeps the sun off your beer). Without them, our world would be so boring.

That's pretty much all I can think of right now, but you get the point, right? I sound like the people at the Grammy's. "I'd like to thank my mom, for her support, and my dad, for his support too..."

I guess I'm into nail pictures, today, too!

Have a nice day ♥
Oh- my room is almost COMPLETE! I just have to put pictures on the wall, install some knob things, and get my poster, then I'll be SET to show you pictures!! I'm physched (sp?).



  1. Awe this post made me smile, a lot of people who work so hard never get recognized for what they do but you recognized them and thanked them. That was really sweet of you =) I can't wait to see how your room turned out! Lots of endless love!


  2. Loved this, I loved the nail pics and I really liked the video game t-shirt!


  3. Yes, clowns scare me! :(
    Great post--we should acknowledge these people(and more) more often!
    And yayy can't wait to see your room!!!!

  4. That grass cutter thing looks so amazing! I want one!