Friday, May 28

I'm back! And still fried...

Today my mom took me to Kohls to try on some clothes, and they kept hitting my red shoulders, and it didn't feel good at all. But I still got some cute clothes!! I got

a pair of sandals,

a tank top (it looks better on than in the picture),

a pair of sunglasses,

three pairs of Soffe's,

and two headbands.

Yay! I needed to go shopping for some new things.

Soo... the party was sooooo much fun! Both parties- Delilah's party and the waterpark. At Delilah's, we swam pretty much the whole time, and sat in the hot tub. Me and Serena, Mindy, Camille, 'Nisa, Delilah (duh), Cody, Cameron, Noah, and some kid related to Cody were there. Camille and 'Nisa just kind of sat around though and didn't get in the pool until the very end. It was really fun, and a few inside jokes were created there ;)

Then at the waterpark, we had an amazing time! Me and Serena and Savanna drove together there and went to Keva Juice before we left. We blasted songs in Serena's car and sang along until we got there. Then we played in the water slides, the wave pool, annoyed the lifeguards, and swam in the lazy river together. And me, Serena, Camille, Mindy, Evan, Cody (ahh!), Cameron, Noah, and Aaron (I think) hung out in the lazy river until the park closed. It was amazing. And tonight I'm going to another party! I don't think they stop... I'm excited for ANY party, though. :)

Well, I'm going to go get ready!

Life Lesson of the Day
Stay out of the sun unless you have a gallon of sunscreen on.


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  1. Ohh I like everything you got and I have the same exact hot pink head-band. Seems as though you had a great time @ the parties, I'm happy for u =) Have fun at the other one tonight! Lots of love <3