Wednesday, May 5


Hello, girlies!

Sorry I'm early!! I'm sick :P And my shoulder was KILLING me so I had to let it rest :(

OOH! Did you see my new tab?? I figured out how to do pages! Ok, so I kind of maybe sort of a little accidentely figured it out. But, I'm not a tech wiz, so forgive me, but now I have photos! Thanks to Talia, for the idea :) I posted some photos that I like, and I hope you like them! I'll add more every now and then :D

About my Emma story...

I've extremely busy lately so...

I have close to nothing done.

BUT, I will definitely work on it!! Especially over the summer, because I'm going to have nothing to do all day, so I'll be forced to work on it.

On a different note, thanks to all my new followers, Talia, Beca, and Hannah!! Who new that a couple comments on someone elses blog could make such a difference! (did I spell that right?)

And to Serena: I know I havn't commented much on your blog lately, but I just want to let you know that I love your story, pictures, quotes, and Y-O-U!! But I still don't like Abbie. Well, I'm not really a big fan of anyone right now, haha, but you said I would eventually, and I believe you! I love the plot, and your descriptions, and EVERYTHING!! You are amazing :)

Gotta go eat dinner! More later :)

Life Lesson of The Week
Discipline yourself to be strong. Weaklings will never make it in this world.


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