Saturday, May 22

Dance, dance, dance

Hello! I'm sooo sorry I couldn't post on Thursday- you have NO idea how busy I've been.

Here's my schedule for the next week or so-

Today/Saturday: Dance recital!! Serena's coming :) Rehersal alllll day. I have to get ready right after I finish this blog, actually...

Sunday: Church; BBQ with Melanie's fam.

Monday: Finals.

Tuesday: Finals.

Wednesday: Finals. AND GRADUATION!! No more middle school. :) and :(. And a parttayy!!

Thursday: Another parrrtayyy!! At a waterpark with my class of 2014

Friday: I guess this is my first real day of summer...
I'M SOOOO EXCITED FOR TONIGHT!! Last night's performances went reallllly well. It's on Youtube, under "Lauren Modern Dance 2010", thanks to my dance teacher.

Tonights going to be amazing.

Sorry this blog isn't, though. It's probably really boring for you, huh?

Tomorrow I'll make it up for you. I promise. Pinky swear.

Well, I gotta go get ready now :/ I'm nervous!! OOH. But before I go, I'll try to find some pics of my costumes for tonight!! One second...

AHA! I found my pointe costume! Doesn't it look pretty in the picture? Well, in real life, it looks like someone stuffed me in a blue bag and threw feathers on me. So I totally re-sewed it, and now it looks a little better, but NOT like the pic. :/ Life goes on...

Ahh okay now I REALLY need to go!! Byeee :)

Wish me luck for tonight!!

Endless love,



  1. Have fun. I'll check out the youtube video. =] -Hannah

  2. You are going to Megan's party on Wednesday too??? :D OMG its gonna be so fun!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. whoa that's a REALLY busy schedule u got there...hope u have fun =) and ur custome looks really pretty im sure it cant be that bad in! im sure ur just being modest and look absolutely amazing! can't wait till tomorrows post =) good luck on everything! lots and lots of love! xoxoxoxoxo

  4. That's a lot of...stuff.

    Hope you have fun (not with finals, but with everything else)