Saturday, August 28

Lists and Chances

Good things about my high school:

1. Tonnnnns of new people to meet

2. Better lunch than the average school

3. On Tuesdays and Wednesday's, school starts at 9:15 instead of 8:15

4. Very lovely campus

5. Lots and lots and lots of clubs/sports

6. There's so much school spirit

7. Friday night football games=AMAZINGLY FUN

8. There are no lockers, and you get a set of books to keep at home and a set to keep in the
classroom, so you don't have to lug them around all day

9. I've made so many new friends!

Bad things about my high school:

1. Tonnnnns of people altogether, which crowd the hallways

2. Lines at lunch are extremely long

3. Busses still run at 7:45 am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so you have to wait an hour until
school starts.

4. Very bad parent drop off design- the traffic gets backed up to like, three intersections

5. I can't choose which clubs to join

6. There's nothing really bad about school spirit... haha. It's just really loud :)

7. Friday night football games= NO PARKING SPOTS

8. Since there are no lockers, I have to lug everything but books around the huge campus

9. I havn't seen half my regular friends yet, since the campus is so big!

Oh, and another thing that irritates me.

There are approximately only 4 cute freshmen guys out of 250 freshmen guys.
There are approximately only 190 freshmen girls who wear butt-shorts and lowcut v-necks out of 250 freshmen girls.
The chances of me getting one of those 4 cute freshmen guys= NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Good thing I have a new crush who sits by me everyday at lunch

I love high school :)

PS. I got an award! YAY. I'll post it next time. Thanks, Rosalie :)


  1. There's always a good list and a bad list at everyone's new school, but don't worry the good things overcome the bad things...if that makes sense, haha. And I guarantee that you will get a boy, cause I actually read somewhere that some guys don't really like slu- I mean those girls who wear those butt short skirts, and low v-neck shirts. So don't worry about them =) Lots of love! <3
    At least you have SOME cute guys, I have absolutely NO cute guys in my school, so it totally sucks! =P

  2. a new crush??? You never tell me anything anymore.
    And you still haven't explained to me what you're Upsetting Blog was about.

  3. OMGG I loved reading this post :)

    I love reading lists by other people...LOL...

    Just wondering, how often are you going to post? I love them :)

  4. i love looking at the good and bad side of things, it keeps me a happy girl :)
    really? that's so cool that you can keep your books inside the classroom. we have lockers. if i left my stuff in the class, well, i'd probably never see it again. *needs to build up some muscle to carry books*
    hey, anything can happen with those boys. not to sound like a creeper, but if you're anything like you are here, then you must be amazing in real life. i promise i'm not saying this in a creepy way, ha ha!
    i HATE when girls wear shorts so short that their butts are showing all day. it's nasty. ugh.
    glad u love high school!

  5. Reminds me of my first impressions of high school. Except I loved it. It's far better than elementary.
    I have to carry my books around the campus with me all day too! So in my bag there're five exercise books, two text books, a laptop and PE uniform. It's torture!
    My school also hardly has any decent-looking guys. They always seem to be taken. :P

  6. That's cool; my best friend's new school (she moved) starts an hour later on Tuesday.
    Lucky bitches!!! X)
    I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! But it's different for me, I've grown up with these goofballs in my grade...that's why I'm attracted to seniors and other guys...Lol.
    High school is so much better than middle school!

  7. ohh laa laa, new crush!
    sounds like your school is awesome, I go to a super small school compared to yours but i suppose, thats australia.

  8. I never really understood school spirit. I came from schools that had none. You're right though, it is a little loud.

    And have fun in high school!

  9. I'm a freshman too!! But there is 750 frehman at my school, its so crowded! I enjoyed reading your list. :)I can totally relate.