Thursday, April 29

Once upon a time...

Hello, darlins!

Today, I shall talk about a new story habit.

Serena has started yet another story, and it's coming along really well! And she keeps telling me that I should write a story for her to read.

So maybe I will!

I've been thinking all day about it, and I finally decided that I, not being very creative, am going to steal Jane Austen's idea and write a modern day version of her book Emma. Emma is one of my favorite books in the whole wide world, and since it's based back in the eighteen hundreds, I shall update it and throw in my own style. Maybe I'll even change it a little bit... I'm not sure yet!

If you've never read Emma, I reallllly think you should. Sure, they talk kind of funny and everyone's all fancy and proper, but that's one of the best parts about it! The story's basically about a rich, young lady named Emma (obviously) who tries to be a matchmaker for her best friend, Harriet. I don't wanna spoil the book, so you'll just have to read it!! And if you're not a reader, the movie's not bad either :)

BUT, I WILL be working on it! I promise!! And I'll post bits and pieces here and there, just for you.

And you, Serena ;)

Life Lesson of the Day
Loyalty and promises are some of the best things you can have in a friendship. Don't ruin it.

Well, I need my beauty sleep!


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