Sunday, April 25

Etiquette Dance


It's me again!

Yes, I know it's not Thursday yet, but Serena's blog inspired me to post about the amazing night of the etiquette.


So I started out at home, doing my hair and makeup, which went a little overkill, thanks to my mother (love ya, momma!), but I fixed it at the dance a little bit, so it turned out ok! Then, when I arrived, about half of my friends were there, so we said hi and talked and laughed and stuff, then we took some pictures, which turned out really pretty!

Everyone looked realllllly nice. And spiffy. ;)

Then they let us in, and the WHOLE gym was decorated Broadway style. It was actually kind of cool! Then we all sat down at our assigned tables, and we all had pretty little name cards and menus. So we ate (steak, corn, salad, potatos, bread) and talked, and I was soooo glad that Mindy, Delilah, and Ivy were at my table, because there were some freaky guys there too.

Then they called us up to start dancing. I had pretty good dance partners, and the only partner that I wanted to dance with was Travis, who's really funny, cute and an AMAZING slow dancer. Too bad he likes Riley. Oh, well. Life goes on.

Now for the BEST part.


Sure, it wasn't the slow dance, or the waltz, or even the two-step. It was the dorky swing. But whatever! It was still a dance!

He's pretty cute, with brown-blonde hair, brown eyes, and he's really tall, and funny.

And it was so lovely. We had just finished dinner, and the lights were all dim, and they called us out the the dance floor. I stood around with some friends, waiting for someone to ask me, then I heard my name...
"Tiffany?" I turned around. "Would you like to dance?" He had a sheepish smile, which made me smile. "Yes, thank you for asking" I replied, linking arms with him. Then we stood next to Mindy and Hunter, and danced right next to them. But they're really short compared to us, so we towered over them. :)

And now I like him again. Yeah, AGAIN.


I've been liking him on and off this WHOLE YEAR! Lacey and I were text-talking about it the other day, and she reminded me that he is really good friends with Mindy... so maybe I still have a chance. It wouldn't really matter, though, I guess. We're going to different schools next year, so I only have 5 more weeks of seeing him :( And his rock hard abs.

Oh well. I've been saying that a lot recently, huh? Oh well? Haha.

But the dance was really fun overall, and I liked it a lot. Thanks for listening to me complain :)

Life Lesson of the Day

Commit to some things in life, and let others flow freely. There's nothing more reassuring and refreshing than to be commited to something 100%

Talk to ya Thursday!


PS. Do you like my new background? :) If you wanna know how to do it, comment!

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