Monday, February 8

Vent TIme!

Hey- I gotta hurry up. Don't laugh, but it's almost my bed time!

OK. You know that saying you learn something new every day?

Well, oh ho ho, I learned TWO new things today.

And they're not very lovely.

Oh, gross! Not like THAT!

I mean, don't tell anyone, but one of the things I learned today was that Hunter and Mindy have MADE OUT.

Yeah. Let that soak in.

Surprise! Why wouldn't she tell me??? Apparantly everyone else knows! You know how embarrasing that is to be the last one to know something??

Well, now that I've vented about that, my SECOND thing I've learned today is, well, I kinda maybe sorta took a peek at Trinity's flashdrive, and found some weird stalkerish stuff.

Like pictures.

And stories.

And advice.


YES! My best guy friend! She is officially OBSESSED with him! She has pictures of him that even I don't have! Stories she created about happy love story endings with him! Advice on how to talk to him!


Sorry for all the capital letters. I needed to vent.

Well, I gotta go, but thanks for listening.


PS A lot of people have been asking who I like. Andddd I likeee...

HAHA. Like I'm gonna tell you!

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