Friday, January 8

Love Thing

LOVE TRIANGLE!! I need to get this "Love Triangle" off my chest. So, thanks to Broadwaychick, I will begin.

OH! By the way, I changed all of the guys names, so you don't know who they are, for privacy purposes. :) Unless your my friend. Or go to my school. Then you'll probably be able to guess.

OK, so, to begin, I will start off with Aiden. We always make fun of Aiden, because he carries his lunch in a Bath and Body Works bag. But he <3's a girl named Taylor, who's really pretty, and Ivy claims she knew that from the very beginning. But she ALWAYS talks about him, which makes me ponder whether she <3's him...

Then there's Logan, who's pretty funny, and I know Annabelle used to <3 him, but I don't know bout now. I'm pretty sure he likes Taylor too, but I can't be sure... A lot of guys <3 her!!

And Ethan is really funny, but he is kind of random and weird, but he's kind of cute, and I know he used to <3 Sophia, and I know she used to <3 him. They both told me that, so I have PROOF! Mwahahaha... I actually think Annabelle used to <3 him too...

Ahh, Nick. He's really easy to talk to, and especially play MASH with. Annabelle used to <3 him, but she still might, but they just act like friends right now. Hmm. Maybe Nick <3 Taylor too...

Hunter <3 Mindy. Mindy <3 Hunter. STOP DENYING IT.

Then there's Landon, my best guy friend, whom Trinity's in LOVE with. I'm serious. This girl writes songs for him (she doesn't show him, obv!)

And then, OH! I'm sorry! I forgot one of my friends!! Ok, Riley is soo cute. She has really light blond hair and hazel eyes, and is really flirty. She's a real hug-lover too! Plus, she's really smart, but you wouldn't expect it from her, since she doesn't talk in class that much. And she's really tall.

But, anyway, she really likes this guy Cody, which is kind of bad, because he's asked me out a couple times, and even though he's kind of cute and funny, I don't like middle school dating, and, I don't know, I just... don't know.

Well, that might be it (for now at least), all my other friends that I didn't mention havn't told us if they like someone (I know they do!). But we'll wait and see!

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  1. omigosh!
    that is sooo cute!
    who do you like???

    <3 Isabella