Friday, January 8

My Incredible Friends

Ok, I decided to copy my friend Broadwaychick and write about my amazing friends! So, here we go...

Ok, this girl is fantastic. Not only is she adorable, smart, and outgoing, but she's an amazing actress! She is great with words and has a huge vocabulary, and she tells amazing stories. My dark blonde hair and blue eyed beauty has been my friend since second grade, and we're both in 8th grade, so I think we'll stay friends for a long time. :)

My little sweetheart! She is soooo kind and caring, and is always up for a hug. It makes me sad when she's sad, which is rare, but she's so sweet and innocent (almost ;))! She's beautiful, too, with her brown hair and blue eyes! The only bad thing about her is that she's a little boy crazy. Like after school, we'll start going to the vending machine, but end up talking to every guy stuck in the hallway for detention. I have nothing against guys, but shes SO BORING around them! But I still love her <3

Kind of a spastic sometimes, but in a good way!! My other friends are beautiful, and I love them all, but this girl is model beautiful! She has dark brown hair and incredible light blue eyes, and you cannot get a bad pic of her. She is really funny, and has an amazingly friendly personality! Likable the day you meet her :) She's kinda stubborn, and easy to fight with, but she's a fun friend when you get along with her <3

My story friend! We always share our stories that we write with each other, because they are a lot alike. She's really cute, with short brown hair and hazel eyes, and she has like a rocker chic style thats really matches her personality. She is really sarcastic, but loves to dance around and laughs at everything you say, which makes you feel good!

My INSANE friend! She is so crazy, she makes everything fun! You can't expect anything from her, and surprises you every day. She is beautiful (as you can see, all my friends are :D) with her brown wavy hair and hazel/blue eyes, and is very athletic. She could beat you up any day, but is wayyyy too nice to actually harm you. Well, one time she pinned small Annabelle to the ground and made her eat a twig, but it was all in love!

My little nerd :), but she's wayyy too cute to be a nerd, and she couldn't care less about school, even though she's really smart! She has really curly light blonde hair and blue eyes, and is a Priss Monster :) Inside joke. You wouldn't understand. But, she's very rebellious, and lazy, and is REALLY small. Like, the shortest 8th grader ever. But she's really fun! <3

Describe her in one word? Impossible. She is crazy, fun, talkative, random, pretty, fashionable, girly, and the list goes on! I love Sophia, especially the way she can say something hilarious, make everyone crack up, and not laugh at her own self. She is so unique, and I love her! Especially her strawberry blonde hair <3 She's amazing!

She's new to our group, but she's really unique and fun! She has a way of making you feel great about yourself, and she is really sweet and good at making friends. She has brownish hair and adorable glasses, which make her look quirky and cute at the same time. She has some insecurity issues, but that keeps her humble :) <3

This girl is HILARIOUS!!! The best artist I know (just kidding), she is funny, random, perky, high-voiced, and clever. She laughs all the time, and loves to argue with the other kids in my class over school subjects. She's pretty smart too, and pretty in her own way, with thick, brown hair and brown eyes. She is always there to hang out with, and I love her!

Well, I think that's it for my main school girl friends. I love them all to death, and I would do anything for them! I think I'll steal another one of Broadwaychick's ideas with a love circle... or would that be a love hexagon? I don't know. I never was really good at geography...

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  1. this is so confuzzling I cant figure our who you are...grrrr