Sunday, January 23

The Not-So-Fun-But-Kind-Of-Fun Post That We All Dread

Hey there :)

If you havn't noticed, I kind of switched some stuff around here.

For one, I added a new Page called "Picnik", which is page with a few edited pictures of mine that I like to do for fun.

And then I made a Formspring! Woot woot. And there's a tab on the side where you can ask me anything appropriate without having to actually go to, so do that if you wish.

Yeah, not a very exciting post!

But I just want to say that I really do appreciate you and your blog and your comments.

I guess I'll just entertain you with a series of Would You Rather questions while I try to wrap this lame post up.

Would you rather...
*Marry an elephant or work at a glue making company for the rest of your life
*Be bald or have Medusa-like dreadlocks
*Live in the cold, high Alps with a billy goat as your only friend or live in a damp cave with a bat as your only friend
*Be the president of Bagpipe club or of Magic & Gathering club



  1. I LOVE would you rather! I folowed you on formspring, mine is BrookieBxXx :)

  2. I would rather...
    *work at a glue making company for the rest of your life-At least I'd have a lovely husbad;)
    *Be bald-I'd wear a wig.
    *live in a damp cave with a bat as your only friend
    *Magic & Gathering club-DEFFINANTLY:)

  3. this is cute!
    i would rather... at a glue making company (who isn't entertained by glue :) )
    ...Medusa like dreadlocks (which, with a straightener and an amazing hair stylest be gone) in the cold
    ...bagpipes it is


    follow me?
    check mine?

  4. i'll check out the edited photos!
    - Marry an elephant (sounds like the best thing ever)
    - Be bald (I've always secretly wanted to shave off all of my hair, just to see what people would do)
    - live in the Alps (imagine living in the dark all your life... shudder)
    - Magic & Gathering club!

  5. ha ha, these would you rather q's were a riot!
    here's what i think...
    1. marry the elephant
    2. have the dreads any day
    3. live in the Alps with the billy goat. at least there's sun there!
    4. i'd rather be in the magic club 100th post is coming up, and it would be amazing if i had everyone comment and read it :) if there's anything you'd like for me to post, i could use all the help i can get. thanks!

  6. I miss your posts!! I hope you're doing okay.
    I was on a bit of a blogger break too.
    Wanna know why?
    Please read this'd mean a lot to me: