Monday, May 30

Drawings and Drew


That title was really, really lame. Anyways...

It's summer, and I'll most likely be sitting at home pigging out on Top Ramen and popsicles for most of it. So you'll see a lot more of meee for the next few months!

Since I'll be posting a little more, I saw this really cute drawing tag that I saw on RamblingsOfATeenageDaydreamer I want to do just for fun.

Sorry, that picture is really small! Anyways, that's what I'll be doing for a while this summer.

What are you doing this summer?

Oooh- have you ever heard of the PC mystery Nancy Drew games? Like, The Phantom of Venice, or Secret of the Scarlet Hand, etc? For your computer? Well, duh, that's what PC means. If you haven't, then I'm going to tell you all about the amazingness of these games.

First, their all in first person, so you actually are Nancy Drew, and you get to wander around wherever the setting is and solve a giant mystery. It seems simple, but, *gasp*, it's not!

There are cool characters you have to talk to and snoop around, quadrillions of hard puzzles that you have to solve, nooks and crannies you have to explore, and suspects that you have to catch.

For example, my mom and I just started the newest one, Shadow at the Water's Edge. This one started out as Nancy going to Japan and staying at a ryokan (Japanese hotel) and finding the place to be supposedly haunted. Well it better be because the front of the game is really creepy.

I haven't gotten that far yet, but I know it's going to be scary. For me, at least. I'm a scaredy cat.

Since this one's in Japan, you learn a lot about Japanese culture and traditions. You actually learn a lot in every game, like about the southwest and desert in Secret of Shadow Ranch, islands and Hawaii in The Creature of Kapu Cave, etc.

I can't really explain all of the fantastical wonders because that would take 60 pages. So I'll just leave it at that :)

But if you're intrigued you should really buy one! I recommend the newerish ones because the graphics are and it's just hard to play when there's glitches and the characters talk funny and you can hardly see the pixily setting. But those are still fun too!

I hope your summer's going good so far, and if you're still in school, sorry. Ha, just kidding. You'll be out before you know it ♥



  1. I like the Nancy Drew books, but I've never tried the games...They sound awesome!! :D

    Lucky you, already getting the summer holidays! I need to wait a few more weeks :(

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  3. Such a pretty blog :)
    I tried playing Nancy Drew...It's was so creepy when she walked into the spring baths mirror and a really scary figure appeared and made the mirror shatter.