Sunday, May 22



I'm super dee duper sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've had rehearsals and auditions and shows and studying and all of that stuff.

Exciting news: I made the dace team for next year at my school! woot woot.

On Friday night, I had my Swan Lake performance, and it was really really fun :) I was the Polish princess.

Then last night was the Circus recital where everyone pretended to be part of a circu
s. There were clowns, poodles, lions, tigers, bears, monkeys, trapeze people, tightrope walkers, circus freaks, etc. That was really really REALLY fun. For jazz I was a trapezeist (is that a word?), hiphop a firebreather, for modern a lion tamer, and other random dances I was a fan dancer and a Siamese twin :)

Is it just me or is this post real
ly awkward?

I think I'm still tired from last night.

I'll put up some pictures or videos or something like that on my next post when I feel more apt to

Gah, I'm so blah today!!

I'll just stop now.


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