Saturday, October 30


I have to go to bed in like, 5 minutes, so I'll make this quick!

Yesterday, my friend Juliette had a party. Every year, she and her ginormous family throw a Halloween party in their ginormous mansion for this elementary school nearby. This year she recruited all of us to help her with it. Basically, there were a bunch of stations where all the elementarian kids could come and play games in the backyard. I dressed up like a pirate and ran the pirate ship game, which was just a bunch of piraty pinatas that the kids got to hit with a foam sword.

My friends Cheyanne, Katja, Lacey, Ryan, Jakob, and Brett ran the maze, which was in the grape orchard. All the girls dressed up in animal costumes and animal makeup and ran loose in the courtyard making animal noises, while the guys dressed in all black and stalked people and grabbed ankles. The kids had to go in the maze and find they're way around to the center.

Some little girl started bawling because Jakob was running after her in the maze. You don't do that to fourth graders!

It was really cool, though. It was pitch black, and when it's your turn to go in, Juliette told the story of how the animals got loose in the maze to your group, gave you glowsticks to help you find your way in the dark, and let you run around.

After most of the people left, Juliette finally let all the helpers go in the maze.

It. Was. Freaking. Scary.

I screamed so loud, this morning I could barely make a sound my voice was so hoarse.

I think I broke Amanda's bra strap from trying not to get lost.

And when one of my friends tried to get away from the "gorilla" (Lacey), she accidentaly shoved me into the wall, giving my a cut that looks like a vampire bit me on my knee. :)

It was so much fun! I love Halloween parties.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Oops, now I really gotta go.

Happy Halloween!
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  1. Aw I love cats. :)
    Hahaha sounds like fun! I went to a place called "Field of Screams." Twenty bucks to get in! It was realllllyyy good though! Those people are great at their jobs! Lol. I'm going to do a post about it if you want to know more about it.

    Have a good week! :)


  2. That sounds so fun! I love things like that. My favorite part of halloween is going on the haunted hayride(: And i was an 80's person for halloween!

  3. You guys make me so jealous! I wish Halloween was that big in Australia. Your Halloween sounds sooo epic.