Sunday, October 3


Autumn is my favorite season.

Yes, another post about autumn, I know. I've read a bunch of them too.

But don't you just love the rich fall colors, the leaves scattered everywhere, the days getting colder, bundling up on a wagon ride, carving pumpkins, putting scarecrows out, decorating, eating yummy harvest foods, and Halloween?

I sure do!

My sister and I have been decorating this random little gate on our driveway for fall. My mom promised her that she could help her decorate this year, so she did most of the decorating outside, while I mostly just hid the cords and helped her hang lights up. She likes some things to be scattered around and other things clumped together, so mind her exterior design talent. She's not bad, though :)

I'm so excited for the rest of the year


  1. Autumni is my favorite season too! I love all of the events going on and I'm always a busy bee! (:
    My mom has a little fall scene going on w/ hay, scarecrows and some other stuff. Lol.


  2. I love Autumn, its my favorite season also! =) Everything about it is great! Awesome decorations, I have mine up also! =) Lots of endless love<3

  3. Your sister has awesome sense of decorating. My mom makes me decorate our house to please the little kids but all I do is just go to the market, buy a pumpkin and just drop it on the porch without even doing a thing to it. Maybe a sharpie, but only if I feel like it.