Sunday, March 6


Hello :)

If this post seems kind of short, it's because I'm writing it on my Kindle! And it takes f o r e v e r to do. But its really cool because it has WiFi and 3G and all that jazz.

Anyway, trapezing was amazzziiinnggg! We had a blast. The place was only five minutes from our hotel and the guys who ran it were really nice and laid back. They also had an awesome German Shepard who ran around. There were eleven people in our private party (all from my studio) and we all got to go six times each. I'll try to post a video next post. After trapeze me, Lacey, Amanda, Brittany, Rachel, Sarrah, and Juliette went back to the hotel to change for a late dinner at the Spaghetti Factory where we dressed up really fancy for fun :) The waiter there flirted with Rachel and he kept forgetting to bring out her drink. Then Sarrah and Rachel left for the drive back home wile the rest of us changed into our PJs and drank hot cocoa while sitting by the hot tub. Then we slept and went to breakfast and went shopping yada yada yada. Trapezing was my favorite part obviously :)

The competition went well! We got 5th place and the judges gave us a B+ on their report. It was really fun and we didn't get back until midnight. It was a big competition! There were 276 performances altogether including small varsity cheer, large varsity cheer, stunt groups, small pom, large pom, small hip hop, large hip hop, small jazz, and large jazz. We were in the large jazz division because we have over twelve people on our team. We had lots of fun and it was definately a team bonding experience :)

That just took like an hour to type on this thing.

I'll try to post pitures/ videos on the next post when I'm on a real computer!



  1. I'm glad you had fun and done well! You may never have the opportunity to do this again, and it's good; you'll have these memories forever!
    I love the Spaghetti Factory! :)